Tennis Star ‘Sania Mirza’ Always Wished to Marry this Bollywood Hero but Shoaib Stole the Show

Tennis Star ‘Sania Mirza’ Always Wished to Marry this Bollywood Hero but Shoaib Stole the Show

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Relationship between a celeb and a sportsperson is not new to us .. They make a great pair . it’s a pretty obvious thing that we all have favorite things and people too . From sports to cinema , we always have that someone favorite and that’s how the fan following is created .

Well!! today , we are making you aware of the favorite star of tennis player Sania Mirza ..She has been playing for her nation from so many years and got married to the Pakistani cricketer. For this decision , she had to face the criticism upto a great level. Nonetheless Sania is a great player and has a lot of respect for her game and Nation .

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Sania Mirza was recently seen in Karan Johar’s show, Coffee with Karan.

Sania along with Farah had a great time at the show . The session of the questions and replies were entertaining certainly. It has often been seen that Karan Johar reveals everyone secret in his show and with Sania.

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Farah Khan and Sania Mirza open their many secrets. This show also had a rapid-fire round, in which Karan asked Sania Mirza if she would like to work in films, then with which actor she would like to? Sania Mirza took the name of the actor Salman Khan .

After that he also asked Sania whether she would like to go on a date with anyone, she instantly replied Ranbir Kapoor.

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Sania Mirza also quoted the secret of their happily married life is that she and her husband travel more and are engaged in work that is the secret behind their happy marriage.


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