Tennis Superstar Roger Federer Provides Schooling & Food For A Million Children across the globe

Tennis Superstar Roger Federer Provides Schooling & Food For A Million Children across the globe

Popular tennis player, Roger Federer, has given so much since he started his foundation in 2004. With the Roger Federer foundation, he has been focused on improving children’s education, especially in places that is very disadvantaged. The foundation has been at the forefront of creating schools all over the globe, building over 50 preschools in Malawi.

During a visit he paid to Malawi, the legendary tennis player said seeing a preschool of good quality built by his foundation for children in the country made him happy and emotional.

Federer said, “I’m so happy and emotional that I can see a preschool of this quality here–it’s quite extraordinary. The community is so committed to helping the kids, it’s so important (as) the foundation for learning.”

In 2015, the foundation said it planned to feed and teach one million kids by 2018. Despite the fact that the goal was a tall one, it was able to achieve it.

Janine Handel, the CEO of the foundation, said that it took them a lot of hard work to achieve what they set out to do.

“It took a lot of work and determination to achieve this amazing thing. There was no other possibility than achieving this goal because Roger always achieves his goals. There are one million children which benefits from the major quality of education in the school, pre-school, kindergarten. One million children have now a better chance to make their way in life, to get a job, to exit from poverty…Roger believes in the empowerment of the people and their potential. That’s a fundamental value in our every-day work. We strongly believe early education is one of the most powerful weapons to empower children exiting from poverty. It’s actually proven that education makes people better citizen, be more prepared when it comes to dealing with issues, and they have more instruments to manage their life,” Handel said.

It should be noted that Federer has 20 grand slam titles, an achievement only him has in the history of tennis. He is also the only player who has won the BBC Overseas Personality of the Year for four different times.


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