The A-Z Of The 90s Shows Exactly Why We’re So Obsessed With That Golden Decade

The A-Z Of The 90s Shows Exactly Why We’re So Obsessed With That Golden Decade

You’ve heard it previously yet we’ll state it once more:

The 90s was the greatest decade ever!

What’s more, why not? From Harry Potter to the genuine Cartoon Network, Sukhbir’s Oh Ho to Daler Mehendi’s Tunak Tun, walkman to VCR, what’s not to adore about it?

You may call us 90s children excessively partial to the brilliant decade, yet we’re not fixated without reason.

Here’s the A-Z of each 90 kid.

Baithe, baithe, kya karein? Karna hai kuch kaam. Shuru karo antakshri, leke prabhu ka naam!

Keep in mind playing Book cricket at school?

The genuine Cartoon Network.

Who all recall that notable Doordarshan music?

Gracious, how gravely we needed to visit Essel World as children!

In the event that you haven’t done this on the last page of your scratch pad, your youth was deficient.

Jiska bat, uski pehli batting!

Gathering these and after that dashing with your companions was our concept of fun.

The change from a pencil to an ink pen made us feel so develop!

The mix of jam and roti was peculiar yet we adored it!

Kismi Bar’s as yet one of our preferred confections.

Who all recall the Liril young lady moving?

A Milton water container was a piece of our uniform. Everybody had one!

It has been ages since I last ate this tastiness! For what reason don’t they make such desserts any longer?

As children, the Onida fiend terrified us and how!


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