Check out the History of ‘Bra’ which Is As Long & Complicated As every Women In the World

Check out the History of ‘Bra’ which Is As Long & Complicated As every Women In the World

From ancient time there are so many changes in the bra. It’s completely drastically change. The changes have done due to his time gap or due to some civilization or culture from one place to another.

The history of bra is as long the history of woman in the world.

According to the Huffington post, ancient woman of the Egypt wore garments without bra and there breast can seen easily from their clothes.

But in Greek, the women of Greek used to wear a piece of clothing to stop the physical movement. They used to wear a belt just below the breast to hold them towards up and support them .with the help of belt they can manage easily the movement of the breast.  

Bra was used just like a cloth binder so that the boobs can be designed squeezed into appearing smaller.

The tightness of the dresses back cloth is important but not rather than breast support without the help of binder.


But the boobs were back again. People are crazy to show the cleavage. It was sign of high status to show the cleavage

Victorian Era

Things are changed in the Victorian age; Women were wearing the dresses with a high neckline. In their dresses there were unlimited layer were there and lace was super tight. It shows the waist slip but to this fashion the body of women was changing. Due to wearing such a tight dress they were suffering from nausea, dizziness, paleness, fainting.

The first modern bra

Accordingly Huffington Post, first bra was invented in 1869 by Harminie Cadolle. It was in two piece support. The upper part was designed by shoulder support and the second or lower part was supporting the boobs. This invention was apparently more comfortable then the corset.

The bra in the 21th century

As per report of Time magazine that Mary Phelps Jacob invented and patented the backless bra. She invented this in 1914 the idea came she was going to the party and using the two handkerchief and ribbon to make a more comfortable support to her breast. Her invention was excellent rather than corset. It was very light and soft as well as more comfortable. It can easily separate both boobs and no more nipples can be shown after using this bra.

The Roaring twenties

Thanks to Ida Rosenthal and her company maidenform bras with cups was introduced first time in the markets. There were so many cups available in the market according to the size breast.

The fifties

According to the women health Mag, The first padded bra was invented 1947 by Frederick Mellinger after this push up bra becoming all the range in 1950.

First Sport bra

Today’s Bra