The Lavish Rs 200 Crores Gupta Wedding has turned Uttarakhand’s Auli into a Garbage Dump

The Lavish Rs 200 Crores Gupta Wedding has turned Uttarakhand’s Auli into a Garbage Dump

The pleasant ski goal of Auli, Uttarakhand was enlivened like a lady of the hour to have one of the nation’s most extreme wedding. The children of South Africa-based specialists siblings Ajay and Atul Gupta got hitched in the participation of numerous prominent characters including government officials, VIPs, Uttarakhand’s Rs 200 Cr Wedding NRI’s and different VIPs.

Despite the fact that the huge stimulation remainder of this exceptional wedding attracted the press, what pulled in the eyeballs most was the stores of trash that was left on the slopes post the wedding.

The prominent Rs 200-crore wedding allegedly left 4,000 kg of trash behind. While choppers were employed to ship visitors to the remote area, it appears the Gupta’s neglected to clear their chaos.

Consequently, the city enterprise needs to now manage the tough undertaking of dealing with the waste that left the excellent slope station resembling a bad dream.

One of the team members of the Nagar Palika Parishad of Joshimath said, “The wedding has created a waste problem in the hill station. The garbage has surpassed 40 quintals (4000 kilograms).”

A local said, “Plastic packets and bottles are lying everywhere. Our cows go for grazing in the area daily. What if they consume plastic? Who would take the responsibility? The situation here is really pathetic.”

Talking to Indian Express, Parishad chairman Shailendra Singh Pawar  said, “Usually, dry and wet waste collected daily from all of Joshimath amounts to 20 quintals. Since weddings, it’s crossed 40 quintals daily. Most of it is from the wedding venue.”

Purportedly, a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) was likewise filled prior guaranteeing that the arrangements for the wedding were harming the common excellence of Uttarakhand’s driving visitor goal, Auli.

Despite the fact that the pile of trash made will take days to be cleaned and a great deal of labor, the CM of Uttarakhand in a stunning proclamation kept up that such weddings will advance Auli as a “visitor goal”.

“They could have held this wedding anywhere in the world but they chose Auli… the Gupta family has contributed to turning Auli into a tourist destination by doing the wedding here…,” Rawat said.

This makes one wonder Rs 200 crore for the wedding and none for reestablishing the slope station to a flawless state? Not done, Gupta Ji!


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