The model reveals she was banned from Tinder for being too hot

The model reveals she was banned from Tinder for being too hot

A Los Angeles Instagram model made an astonishing case: that she had been restricted by Tinder for looking excessively fine.

The choice was taken as her matches recorded her profile to Tinder as phony since her photos looked excessively great.

A Jam Press article asserts that Holly Valentine was in for an inconsiderate amazement when she pursued Tinder, hoping to meet men while going for work.

“I purchased the most costly pack they sell that permits you to set your position anyplace,” says the 26-year-old model, supposedly “bashful,” who has 1.2 million devotees on Instagram.

“It resembles, $86 is costly for an application! I utilized clean pictures, did all that I should do, swiped directly on a couple of individuals, had a few matches and afterward began watching’ Game of Thrones ‘ marathon watching.

Before attaching with someone however, Holly has commenced the application and every one of her matches blamed her for being “unreasonably beautiful” for being genuine.

“I haven’t found a good pace or in any event, utilizing the application,” she says with lament.

While Holly posts a ton of suggestive material on her Instagram page, she won’t accept this was the purpose behind her Tinder boycott: “I have a geeky side, and I’m not afraid to show it,” she says, “however relying upon the closet or make-up, I can go off resembling an all-characteristic school young lady or a sensation.”


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