The world’s biggest family: The man with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren

The world’s biggest family: The man with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren

Ziona China lives with his family in a 100 room mention.He has so many wives so he turns to his wives one by one to share his bed.When the dinner has to be prepared it takes 20 chickens.You will be shocked to listen that he has 39 wives and he is the head of the biggest family in the world.It is amazing to listen that He has 94 children and 14 daughters in law and 33 grand sons.

They live in 100 rooms and 5 story house which is situated in the state of India Mizoram on the hills of Baktawang village where the spouses rest in monster mutual residences.

The Ziona family includes 181 members in a family.

Mr Chana said to his son that he feels that he is a God son and he is blessed that he is looking after so many people.  I feel blessed that I am the head of the biggest family and having 39 wives.

The family is having the manner like military all women do the work of domestic chores like cleaning utensil preparing dinner and lunch cleaning floor and washing clothes . Work has been divided among all the women and Mrs Zathiangi looks after all the work which is done by the fellow she is the first wife of Ziona.

One time meal is prepared with 30 chickens, peel 132lb of potatoes, and rice 120lb.

Mr Chana ptepare the menu of lunch and dinner to keep in the mind of all the family members she decide what have to cook .

He married 10 women in  a year. when he was at his most prolific, and enjoys his own double bed while his wives have to make do with communal dormitories.

He used to keep his bed with the youngest women and farthest to the old women. And he rotates the system day by day .he turned to sleep with all the women.

His wife rinkmini who is the 35 years old, says that Mr. Chana is the most important person in the family and he has a lot of value in the family . his position is top most and he spend most of the time with me .

She narrate her story that Mr. Chana proposed her when he saw her during the moring walk and wrote a letter to her that he want to marry her.

His  another wife tells about the system of the family that they all love and respect with each other and they have mutual understanding with each other.

Mr. Chana is not stopped to looking another women he is still in search  and said that his sect is 400 members in his family .

He is interested to expand his family so he wants to go US to marry with another women.