These 10 Beautiful Villages Should Be Your Next Travel Destination Which Got Fame by Bollywood Films

These 10 Beautiful Villages Should Be Your Next Travel Destination Which Got Fame by Bollywood Films

The Indian film industry is probably one of the best ways to promote tourism in even the remotest and most offbeat places in our country. Bollywood is the land of dreams, fantasies, and melodrama set against beautiful backdrops. It has given us some of the most unique and marvelous shooting locations in India. Often these locations are rural and rustic, to recreate the perfect – or, in some cases, imperfect, Indian village. 

So here’s a modest list of 10 beautiful villages shown in movies that’ll encourage you to take a tour to these sublime places.

1- Chamba from Taal

Do you remember the song ‘Taal se taal mila’ from the movie Taal? Aishwarya dancing in the rain against majestic mountains, raging rivers and some of the most spectacular scenery. Dressed in white, Aishwarya’s suit makes for a stunning contrast with the lush green backdrop. The song was shot in the Chamba Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Chamba is definitely a place worth visiting for its spectacular scenery.

2- Ramgarh from Sholay

The dialogues and scenes from Sholay are so iconic that they are repeated to this day. The fictional village of Ramgarh got its name from the village of Ramnagar, located in Karnataka, around 50 kms from Bangalore. Even today, you can visit the village and see nature in its stark and raw form.

3- Charanpur from Swades

Swades is undoubtedly one of SRK’s finest works. Charanpur is a fictional village set in the Wai district, which lies on the way to the famous town of Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra. The temple and the tank depicted in the movie is actually the Menavali Ghat, which you will find right outside Wai. The place has everything you ever imagined a typical Indian village to have – hills, temples and simple folk. Take a break from the rush of your daily life and visit this lovely place.

4- Abhaneri from Paheli

Paheli is memorable for its unusual storyline and also for some beautiful locales. The movie was set in the village of Abhaneri, located in Rajasthan. The village is located on the Agra-Jaipur highway in the district of Jausa, about 97 kilometers from Jaipur.

5- Champaner from Lagaan

One of the best movies India has produced, Lagaan was set in the times of the British Raj. Champaner is actually the village of Kanura in Gujarat. Close to Bhuj, the village is worth visiting just to get a feel of that iconic movie.

6- Sundarapandianpuram from Roja

The heroine of the movie cavorts in waterfalls and runs through fields, revelling in her innocence? One of the reasons for the movie’s success was the spectacular scenery that set the scene for Roja’s beginnings. The scenery is from the village of Kutralam or Courtallam in Tamil Nadu. There are plenty of waterfalls in the region.

7- Purulia from Lootera

The story of a con artist and his scorned love had us sighing and crying, especially at the tragic end. While the latter half of the movie is set in Dalhousie, the first half was shot in the district of Purulia in West Bengal. The district is definitely worth a visit for the scenic lakes and hills.

8- Budbuda from Billu

Part of the charm of this movie is the sweeping vista of paddy fields with green hills in the distance. The fictional village of Budbuda was set in the village of Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. Many South Indian movies have also used this charming little place as a backdrop. If you want to see the real India, visit this village at least once.

9- Badami from Guru

The movie ostensibly starts from the village of Badami in Gujarat. The actual village of Badami lies in the state of Karnataka and is home to some beautiful temples that draw hundreds of visitors every year.

10- Mahmudabad from Dedh Ishqiya

Set in the regions of the former state of Awadh and depicting the fading lifestyles of the Nawabs of that area, Dedh Ishqiya was a black comedy that appealed to our twisted sense of humor. The tale was made more authentic by the Mahmudabad Palace in Barabanki in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Go for a visit to a bygone era.

It is fascinating, isn’t it – the idea that we can see some of the places that take us back to iconic movies?


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