These 10 Indian Stars with Awesome Body Must Try their Hand in WWE

These 10 Indian Stars with Awesome Body Must Try their Hand in WWE

They are handsome, influencers, and admired by all out there. Bollywood Actors have always been known for their acting skills. But now, you can easily recognize them for amazing fitness rules they follow.

It is not always their acting, but also their bodies at times that can’t help you miss out even a single scene of the movie. 

Here are our top ten picks of Bollywood stars who can totally make a WWE debut:

Sonu Sood

Sonu has the capacity to overcome anyone’s expectations and he gives his best to go beyond his own physical and mental boundaries. Tangling with Martial Arts legend, Jackie Chan in ‘Kung Fu Yoga’, Sonu may have many moves that he wants to deliver on his first fight!

Vidyut Jamwaal

Trained in Kalaripayattu, a form of martial art, Vidyut Jamwal made an impression with his debut movie, Force. The actor is a fitness freak and loves working out. He can even turn a match to his side effortlessly, if he ever makes his debut in WWE.

Tiger Shroff

This is another actor known for his physique and fitness only. There are only a few actors like him, whose fitness can never be competed with. Obviously keeping aside professional boxers and other such people, talking about movie industry, only a few actors have capabilities to manage that 6 and 8 pack abs.
And Tiger Shroff is definitely one of them.

Sunny Deol

We don’t see him or his dhaai kilo ka hath in the movies as often as we did before but that doesn’t really stop him from maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Even though he has turned 59, Sunny Deol hasn’t lost his fit body.

John Abraham

John needs no introduction when it comes to fitness and muscles. He has a body which can make any lady get on her knees. John is a fitness enthusiast and he inspires everybody to workout and stays healthy. If he ever makes his debut to the WWE, he may be the one who can deliver and imitate the superman punch same as Roman Reigns.

Rana Daggubati

Primarily known for his work in the blockbuster film, Baahubali 2, where he is seen flaunting a ripped body. The actor has now become a role model for many young fitness freaks. With quick reflex and agility, Rana could spring a lot of surprises, if he gets into the ring.


Anybody with two eyes can see what a marvellous physique this actor has. It was evident in Baahubali, with his rippling muscles and toned form making him look every bit the King.

Hrithik Roshan

Seeing him can make you believe how becoming fit is easy without putting yourself through starvation or any strict diet plan. This good-looking actor has the body that would make any girl go weak in the knees and the men jealous. The actor is called Greek god for his chiselled look and amazing voice.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan amazed us with his transformation in Ghajini. The Mr Perfectionist then trained for around nine months to get the toned look for Dhoom 3. He is one of the fittest actors in the industry. He also gained almost 22-25 kgs of weight for his role in Dangal and trained again to get a bodybuilder’s physique.

Salman Khan

Let’s just say that this bad boy had the original hot bod in Bollywood.  With his rock-hard abs and unmatchable charisma, ‘Dabangg’ is one of the most favourite in the country. 


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