These 10 People Are Extremely Rich But They Have Not Adopted A Lavish Lifestyle

These 10 People Are Extremely Rich But They Have Not Adopted A Lavish Lifestyle

The more they are rich the less they are concerned about their looks and outfits .From wearing casual t-shirts to carry very normal and basic things ,there are some very rich people who don’t like to spend money in showing-off and donate it for charity purposes.

Presenting 10 such rich people of the world who are not interested in living a luxurious lifestyle:

1. Warren Buffett – Rs. 5,73,207 crore ($84.60 billion)

CEO and chairman Berkshire Hathaway’s lives in the house that he purchased in the year 1958 for Rs. 21 lakh ($31,500) despite the fact that he is counted among the richest people of the globe.

2. Mark Zuckerberg – Net worth: Rs. 4,94,830 crore ($73 billion)

Facebook’s CEO is among 10 richest people of the world; however, he’s always seen a in a grey T-shirt, away from all the pomp and show. What’s more, he lives a simple and modest live with his wife and daughters.

3. Ingvar Kamprad – Net worth: Rs. 1,55,813 crore ($23 billion)

IKEA’s founder is also one of the world’s richest persons but he lives a simple life. He has no problem is driving a 1993 Volvo, traveling in economy class and purchasing second-hand clothes.

4. Azim Premji – Net worth: Rs. 1,19,213 crore ($17.6 billion)

The chairman of Wipro is among the richest people of the world;
He uses second-hand cars, travels from economy class as well as repeatedly asks employees to switch off lights.He does not hesitate in keeping a check on the use of toilet paper in his offices and traveling from auto-rickshaw.

5. J.K. Rowling – Net worth: Rs. 4403 crore ($650 million)

The writer of Harry Potter lives with simplicity and donates in charity funds as well. She is extremely rich; however, she never showed off her wealth.

6. Keanu Reeves – Net worth: Rs. 2370 crore ($350 million)

After the Matrix project the actor has donated 85 percent of his earnings to the special effects and the costume design team. Keanu lives a very simple life as he can be seen travelling through public transport or taking rest in a park’s bench.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio – Net worth: Rs. 1659 crore ($245 million)

The actor is very simple in his real life and doesn’t have any luxury car or private jet ,although he is seen living a lavish lifestyle in movies. He is saving money for other people as well as environment.

8. Matthew McConaughey – Net worth: Rs. 643 crore ($95 million)

Even though he rules Hollywood, this brilliant actor used to live in a trailer for years as he is of the opinion that it requires much time, attention and stress to live in a house.

9. Kate Middleton – Net worth: Rs. 338 crore ($50 million)

The Duchess of Cambridge is away from all the luxury and one can often spot her in simple dresses that she repeats as well. For someone belonging to a royal family, it’s definitely a big deal and despite being a Duchess, she is quite down to Earth.

10. Jose Mujica – Net worth: Rs. 12 crore ($1.8 million)

He is the former president of Uruguay . While he was the president, 90% of his salary was donated by him to the charity funds. Presently, he is living on a farm with his wife and they both grow flowers and sell them.


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