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These 10 Pics Expose Reality Of Zoos Which They Always Hide From Us

A trip to the zoo may sound all fun and exciting, but this is not the case for the encaged animals. For the animals living in a zoo is torture though you may be thrilled to see all kind of creatures. These pictures will surely change the way you see zoo’s and hopefully, they’ll make you think twice before you support this cruelty.

1. Animals live in littered enclosures

You may see a few trash-loaded pens but this picture usually shows a crocodile under a garbage heap. When creatures mix trash for food, tragedies occur which results in injury, illness and physical damage.

2. Some creatures are painted to be misleading

To make them look weird or look like different species, creatures in zoos are painted. In the picture it’s a donkey who looks like a zebra. These creatures endure the hurtful reaction to deadly colors and people are deceived.

3. Animals are treated with antidepressants

These creatures are not treated when they have a serious illness for the reason that they receive antidepressants and pharmaceuticals that are prone to malaise. The penguins in this photo have found a solution, but such practices worsen the creature’s condition. Antidepressants have inappropriate behavior and it is sad to know that they are recognized as such because injuries have been caused by non-fenced areas in areas that are not similar to their territory.

4. Conditions aren’t generally great

Maintaining a zoo is not easy, and given the high overheads, experts are eager to cut costs that affect living things. The creatures are not promoted adequately, their walls in the areas are not systematically cleaned, and the overall picture of well-being and cleanliness is poor, as there is no framework staff to guarantee the same.

5. Animals aren’t appropriately looked after

As they live in prison far from the normal fortune of their characteristic environment, these creatures need a lot of care. The food, the cleanliness, the care are essential for the well-being. It is obvious that this is not the case. The camel in this picture is hungry and worried about the lack of care.

6. Animals can get zoochosis

Zoochosis is the condition that living beings live on because of their living bondage. Limited enclosures and walls surrounded by areas are not part of the normal natural environment of living things. Therefore, they suffer from the adverse consequences of the psychological damage caused by the loss of their chance. In this photo, the bear tries to escape, which is clearly the main side effect of the zoochosis, which heavily impacts the welfare of the animals.

7. Old creatures and futile creatures are executed and utilized for different reasons

In many zoos, the practice is to displace old creatures that can not reproduce or are excessively old, making it impossible to stimulate. In some countries, creatures are sold to smaller zoos that may be in a more terrible state. The giraffe in this picture is that of Marius, a young and healthy giraffe from the Copenhagen Zoo, shot dead by a veterinarian who was dismembered in general sight and thrown to the lion. His concern? It was useless to reproduce because his qualities were overly normal.

8. Some creatures aren’t nourished by any stretch of the imagination

Here is a photo from the Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia, which was hell for the creatures. A year ago an article about the unfortunate condition of animals in the zoo was presented which blew the world away. It is obvious that the tiger is in extreme agony.

9. The creatures endure the most

Regardless of the possibility of a human falling into the walled area and dissolving into an area, the creature may be touched if the guardian sees a risk to humans. In some cases, a false observation ends up in the lives of creatures, more likely due to Harambe, the gorilla that has set the web ablaze.

10. Cleaning time isn’t a decent time for creatures

Sea creatures are subjected to the most appalling treatment when it comes to cleaning time. In this picture as attendants clean the walls these dolphins are defenseless with less water.

After seeing these pictures we can say that a zoo is not a funny thing and the passionate and physical strength of a creature is largely destructive.

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