These 20 Epic Dialogues Of Indian Teacher You Must Have Heard in Your School Life

These 20 Epic Dialogues Of Indian Teacher You Must Have Heard in Your School Life

No matter how many years have passed, we still cherish the moments we had in school.

We still can laugh hard remembering all those funny things that happened in the class and yes, it would certainly not have been possible without our teachers.

We all had our favorite teachers, the ‘hate most’ teachers, and the coolest ones. We all love our teachers, don’t we? Now that we have grown up, we understand their importance more and so dearly miss them.

There are some typical dialogues and antics that perhaps every teacher of our country must have in common. Let us read those tickling dialogues and remember our lovely teachers.

(Get ready to feel nostalgic!)

1- Why are you making so much noise? Is this a fish market?

2- Why did you forget your homework? Did you forget to eat in the morning too?

3- Why are you laughing? Tell us the joke, we’ll also laugh.

4- Do you think we teachers are fools?

5- If you want to talk, get out of the class. Don’t disturb the others.

6- Can you speak loudly? Didn’t you have breakfast today?

7- In a Hindi class -> “Hindi mein baat kijiye.”

8- When the entire class laughs at someone asking questions, the teacher goes “There are no stupid questions”

9- (When kids were caught misbehaving) “Is this why your parents send you to school everyday?”

10- “Yes, I’m talking to you. Stop looking back.”

11- “If you don’t like to study then why do you come to school?”

12- “You are the worst batch I have ever taught.”

13- “Do you want me to call your parents?”

14- “Show me your book. What are you doing there?”

15- “Why are you looking outside? Am I standing there?”

16- “Your sister/brother is so quiet. Why are you like this?”

17- “Okay, be quiet, the principal is coming for rounds.”

18- “Why are you dragging your feet? Are you old?”

19- “If you study hard in this class, I’ll give you the next period free.”

20- “SILENCE!”


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