These 20 People Should be Rewarded For Their Smart-Ass Creativity

These 20 People Should be Rewarded For Their Smart-Ass Creativity

Some people always do whatever they want, no matter what they are told. They find some creative ways to solve a problem, turning ordinary situations into hilarious ones!

Here are some examples of everyday activities of some smart-ass people that shouldn’t go unnoticed!

1- 3 hands are better than 2

2- Students got the wrong man.

3- Checkmate, Lego bricks!

4- School-appropriate hairstyle

5- When your school dress-code is against fashion

6- On the first day of school, this kid wore a suit and had a briefcase. The only thing inside was a Gameboy with Pokemon. You, sir, are a badass.

7- When no one can know that you ate all the chocolates

8- The most productive way to spend your first class of the day

9- When you love home cooking

10- Seems like a great idea until you get left foot on red

11- The ultimate guide to sleep in class

12- Smart thinking for smart living

13- Game changer in nail design

14- Maybe now teachers will choose their words more carefully

15- How to make the most of all available resources

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16- One student, more or less

17- Yes, it’s a nicotine patch

18- Thanks to technology, parenting has become much easier

19- When you don’t want to go to the playground

20- Pretending to be taking pictures at a wedding to watch the game is next level genius!


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