These 5 Sexiest Divas are the Obsession of World Famous Playboy ‘Dan Bilzerian’

These 5 Sexiest Divas are the Obsession of World Famous Playboy ‘Dan Bilzerian’

Dan Bilzerian always stays true to his brand. Granted it’s an arrogant, glutinous and slimy brand. But his fans totally buy into it. Because of this, the poker player/entrepreneur makes sure they’re given an inside look into his outrageously ostentatious life.

While Dan’s fans love how he flaunts his wealth online, they mostly show up to check out the gorgeous babes who hang off his overly bulky arms. 

Bilzerian has been very clear that “Ugly” women aren’t welcome. This means they miss out on his parties, chilling on his yacht, or flying on his private jet.

However, the women he deems attractive and obedient enough get all the luxuries he enjoys, no matter where in the world they’re located.

Without further ado, here are 5 of the most attractive women Dan Bilzerian has been spotted with.

Alana Kari

Dan posted a picture of him and Alana back in 2013 and he captioned it “life is pretty good lately”. In the picture the two were pretty close with her straddling him.

Alana is a very beautiful girl with amazing curves and she definitely doesn’t mind showing them off.

Her Instagram account has lots of pictures of her in tight dresses and bikinis. She has also posted many pictures of her outings with her girlfriends who are just as beautiful as she is on her Insta account.

Megan Belet

One would think that a medical student like Megan Belet would have better things to do than hang out with Bilzerian. However, medical school does put a lot of people in debt so…

Anyways, this student from the University of California was spotted in Capri, Italy with Bilzerian, as well as on his private jet.

If you check out Belet’s own Instagram account, you’ll find a mix of model photos, beach party photos, athletic photos, and photos where she flaunts the fact that she’s a third-year med student.

Her intelligence helps destroy the notion that Bilzerian exploits bimbos all day. You can hate on him all you want, but he sure does know how to pick the women that he hangs around with.

Nina Winther

Do you know why @ignite rainbow bikinis are my fav??? ?Rainbows symbolizes and bring the promise that the troubles of today will surely come to pass, hold strong in your faith and vision and the rainbow will bring fresh beginnings, and new prosperity.????? ?? @edmondyang #ad

Nina Winther and is a model. The most recent pic of the two on Dan’s Instagram is from December 10th of last year. He captioned it “amazing day at the dunes”. It’s a pretty amazing picture. And I must say that Nina is a stunner.

Marina Militello

Dan posted a picture of him and Marina to Instagram and captioned it “when you’re famous they let you do it, you can do anything, just grab them by the”. Marina Militello like most of the other girls on this list has a lot of bikini pics on her Insta account.

Sofia Beverly

Very few women have tied Dan down as long as Sofia Bevarly has. After all, he doesn’t seem like the monogamous type. She’s hung around with him for years but actually appeared to be his right-hand woman.

If you’ve been paying attention to Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram, you’ll notice that he’s posted a few relationship-esque photos. It’s unlikely that the millionaire playboy has plans of settling down anytime soon, but for now, he seems occupied with Sofia Bevarly.

She’s been featured on his Instagram, and he’s been featured on hers, though the captions to her photos are a little more lovey-dovey. If the pair really are a couple, Bilzerian better not hurt that woman. 


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