These 7 Celebs Embraced Humanity over Huge Endorsement Money

These 7 Celebs Embraced Humanity over Huge Endorsement Money

Advertisements have become a very crucial part of our lives. We see them all day and sometimes one or the other celebrity is seen endorsing the products. But have you ever wondered how do they even select their ads? There are all sorts of people in the industry. Some work for money and some make sure that they also pass on a good message to the audience.

That’s how some of our celebrities choose their advertisements. There are times when our celebs do not consider the money but instead they care about the message delivered by them to the audience. Probably that’s why they refuse some of the high paying advertisements.

Here’s a look at what’s a rarity in India: celebrities who have taken a stand and refused unethical endorsements.

John Abraham

John, an honest actor refused to trick his fans into believing that he supports unhealthy products. Being a fitness enthusiast, he refused to endorse tobacco and alcohol related products.

Sai Pallavi

South Indian sweetheart, Sai Pallavi proved that she is mature for her age when she turned down a lucrative and ambitious endorsement assignment. Her bright complexion drove a fairness cream brand to her doorstep, but she shook her head in a firm ‘no’. The brand offered her 2 crore, but the Athiran actress knew that endorsing such products will cast a negative impact on the naive minds of her young fans.

Amitabh Bachchan

Actor Amitabh Bachchan backed out and stopped endorsing a cola brand after he revealed his confrontation with a school-girl who was puzzled as to why a megastar like him promoted the soft drink brand her teacher called  ‘poison’. 

Kangana Ranaut

In a country obsessed with fair skin, where dark complexion is still looked down upon, one would’ve thought our public figures would have some sense and not promote something as ridiculous as fairness creams. Kangana Ranaut took the simple yet radical step of refusing to endorse a fairness cream back in 2013.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar has the image of someone who is passionate about fitness and health. He has turned down a lucrative deal to promote a paan masala brand because of his personal convictions.

Aamir Khan

Aamir has carefully built his image as the socially aware and conscious star for almost two decades now. He rejected a deal to endorse a luxury car brand because he wants to do only socially relevant ads.

Ranbir Kapoor

Kapoor has turned down several offers for endorsing fairness creams as he understands that such products only promulgate harmful, racist stereotypes further.


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