These Bollywood Actresses Tightly Slapped Their Co-Actors For Abusing Them Physically

These Bollywood Actresses Tightly Slapped Their Co-Actors For Abusing Them Physically

Its a well known fact that Bollywood has a clouded side too in which entertainers, particularly females are mishandled physically. Frequently, on-screen characters uncover the occurrences when they are attacked or contacted improperly by their co-stars, chiefs, makers or other individuals in the business. A portion of these exploited people overlooked while some render their retribution by showing their harasser a merited exercise.

Truly! There are a couple of on-screen characters who have slapped their co-entertainers for attacking them. Peruse more to know what their identity is and what precisely had occurred.

Jaya Prada

On-screen character turned government official, Jaya Prada was an enormously well known entertainer of the ’80s. It is accepted that she had once slapped her co-entertainer Dalip Tahil.

According to a report, while shooting a scene for a film, Dalip lost control of himself and held Jaya firmly. In the wake of slamming Dalip, she advised him this isn’t genuine however reel life!

Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte is an on-screen character who is referred to for being gifted just as strong. Tragically, she also has managed an occurrence of physical maltreatment at a point while working in south Indian film. She herself uncovered that a well known south Indian on-screen character began to stimulate her feet. Radhika detected his goal and naturally slapped him to show him a decent exercise.

Scarlett Wilson

Scarlett Wilson is an English model and artist who presently works in the Indian media outlet. She has done numerous thing melodies in Hindi just as south India film industry. Scarlett was likewise found in thing melody ‘Manohari’ of film ‘Baahubali’. During the shooting of this melody, she slapped her co-star Umakant Rai for contacting her improperly. Actually, the video of the episode became famous online on the web. Watch the video underneath to perceive what had occurred:

It is said that in the wake of getting slammed, Umakant Rai was seen surging out of the film’s set.

Geetika Tyagi

Known for her appearance in ‘Aatma’, ‘One by Two’ and a couple of different movies of Hindi film, columnist turned on-screen character Geetika Tyagi has likewise confronted ambush. In 2014, she posted a video on her Twitter page in which she blamed chief Subhash Kapoor for rape.

In the recording, Kapoor’s better half could likewise be seen sitting in that spot while the tussle among Geetika and Kapoor was going on. In the video itself, the entertainer could even be seen slapping Kapoor. Afterward, the executive had confessed to having attacked the on-screen character.

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