These Bollywood Films That Fooled Us With Fake Locations – #8 Will Shock You

These Bollywood Films That Fooled Us With Fake Locations – #8 Will Shock You

A considerable measure of things goes while making a film. Keeping aside the dates, the celebs will in general allow, there are a lot of consents required. From acquiring the correct area at the best possible time to have all approvals required to shoot in this particular areas. In any case, every once in a while, they are accessible with a few issues and that they discover shooting in somewhere else. The contrary occasions, the executive would potentially bound a specific interest on anyway certain  scene should look and to  accomplish that, they take another  area.

1. Yeh Jaawani Hai  Deewani

They were on a trekking outing to Manali anyway in purpose of truth aside from the sanctuary and along these lines the resort, significant piece of the trekking was shot in Gulmarg, Pahalgam. Truth be told, the then Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, had communicated his irritation over the shots inside the film. He communicated that aside from the sanctuary and Span resort, all scenes were shot in Gulmarg.


Fanaa was extremely a wonderful film and Kajol-Aamir’s science was remarkable. though we will in general appreciate the film, there was a critical adjustment of the film area. The executive chose to move the Jammu and Kashmir scenes to the Tatra Mountains in the southern Republic of Poland, that furthermore gives fitly blanketed and rocky bundle.

3. HUM Dil De Chuke Sanam

The main Sanjay Leela Bhansali was a work of art. The sentiment was along these lines wonderfully shot, that it had caught our heart. inside the film, Ajay and Aishwarya had returned to the Italian Republic to look out Salman Khan. in any case, in purpose of certainty, the specific scenes were shot in the Hungarian capital.

4. Dabangg

T he famous ‘Thapad se darr Nai lagta’ dialog can unendingly be graven in our psyches. while the film was toward the begin set to be shot in Bihar, in actuality, it had been shot in the geographic territory. The Laalgunj of express that is depicted as Chulbul Pandey’s town is that the little city of Wai in a geographic region.

5.Bajrangi Bhaijaan

While the film was set in Pakistan anyway in purpose of truth, the film was shot in Jammu and Kashmir. A few scenes of the film were shot at Salman Khan’s Panvel house. in spite of the fact that the most vital shooting furthermore happens in the Jammu and Kashmir like Sonmarg and Zoji La. The film’s peak was shot at Sonmarg near the Thajiwas ice mass.

6. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum

Huge numbers of you won’t perceive this aside from the essential first 50% of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, the gathering group had reproduced Chandni Chowk in an extremely studio at Film town of Mumbai. For credibility, the group had taken much film of the primary space and moreover shopped inside the changed back streets of Chandni Chowk. Additionally, the Raichand Palace was plainly not shot in Old Delhi. The out of entryways scenes of the Raichand family chateau were shot at Waddesdon Manor, London.

Chennai Express

This film was in this way amusing to take a gander at. while the film was fabulous, a noteworthy a piece of the film was shot in state and in a geographic territory. Vasco indicting officer Gama terminal was wont to depict as Kalyan Junction terminal. In Gregorian logbook month 2013, a shoot was purportedly booked to require a place in Ooty, anyway the shot is taken close by pune.

8. Mary Kom

The biopic bolstered the genuine boxer, Virgin Mary Kom from Manipur. Some piece of the film was reproduced in Manali, Himachal Pradesh and imagined as Manipur.


Sarbjit could be a biopic on Indian heartbreaking Sarabjit Singh United Nations office was imprisoned in the Asian country once being suspect of spying. nonetheless, the executive needed to reproduce the Asian country Jail in Mumbai. The hero’s home was reproduced in Aarey Colony inside the town.

10. Student Of The Year

The school you thought was consequently pleasant and huge, it’s truly in India. The outer read of the school was taken from Kasiga school, Dehradun. A few components of the film were shot in Jammu and Kashmir and in Forest investigation Institute, Dehradun. The doctor’s facility scenes were recorded outside The Lalit Grand Palace, Srinagar. The film was also shot in Thailand.

11.Bombay Velvet

While the film was based generally in Mumbai, we watch out for a believed that the film maker was going to reproduce the past city inside the film sets. Notwithstanding, the entire film was shot in Srilanka.

12.Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Kuch Hota Hai is a film industry great. Though we will in general still watch the film once twenty years, there have been certain scenes that were shot in better places. The camp in Shimla that Anjali goes to is really shot at Wenlock Downs in Ooty.

13. Phantom

The occasions inside the 2015 film, Phantom unfurl inside the outcome of the 26/11 Mumbai assaults. anyway that they needed to change the shooting regions. To speak to the Syrian Arab Republic, the producers shot beyond any doubt scenes in Lebanon together with downtown Beirut, the thickly settled space of Khandaq al-Ghameeq, and subsequently the bumpy regions of Kfardebian.

These notable movies have been tricking you as of not long ago. Presently don’t be pitiful. Since you have delighted in these movies, don’t overthink about the mysteries that we uncovered. Know more realities about Bollywood movies and keep yourself refreshed.

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