These Bollywood Stars Are Actually A Professionally Trained Pilot.

These Bollywood Stars Are Actually A Professionally Trained Pilot.

Bollywood star are versatile . sometimes they are quite professional  about their rule and took training to play rule alive . You watched many of the actors who played a pilot role  on the screen, here we are  tell you that some of your favourite  actors who can actually fly a plane.

let Bollywood actor who are professionally trained pilots

1. Amitabh Bachchan

one of your and my favourite mega star AMITABH BACHCHAN . he is versitle actor .AND yeah he   is adroit enough to fly a plane.        In an interview “Yes I did take up flying. And if there ever is an emergency and you are in the aircraft, I may be able to land that plane,”

2.Shahid Kapoor

the second name included in this is SHAHID KAPOR ,  he played a pilot rule in “mausam”. he never used body double role in his movies so he trained  to become a  professional  pilot himself .  if you are shahid kapoor fan then you feel glad to know that he is only Bollywood star who  flown a F -16 fighter plane for real!!

3. Gul Panag

she is one of the female actress  who love to thrill . she is only  actress who love to ride bike and  also likes to  fly a plane  .yes  she is professional trained pilot .

4. Asin –

Asin  got a chance to  learn flying when  she was  in ITALY . she  shared photo on INSTAGRAM .

5. Vivek Oberoi –

VIVEK OBEROI also learn fly a plane for his role  in KRISH 3. he learnt a fly  Cessna aircraft which is a tiny two-seater plane.’

6. Sushant Singh Rajput

the new name also joined this  List its Sushant Singh . who learned fly a plane for his upcoming movie CHANDA  MAMA DOOR  K.

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