These Brands Did Marketing So Well That People Have Forgot The Original Product Names

These Brands Did Marketing So Well That People Have Forgot The Original Product Names

Each word that we use in our life has a story behind its beginning. While most words are taken from different dialects and interpreted in a superior manner, there are words which appeared because of the ubiquity of an item or brand. We have gathered 10 such words which are really names of brands.


Item name: Hot tubs

What Americans allude to a hot tub, individuals in different pieces of the world call it as Jacuzzi. It is the name of the brand that sells hot tubs.


Item name: Hansaplast

At whatever point there is little damage, it is normal on the off chance that you catch wind of applying Band-Aid on it. Indeed, it is a brand name which was begun by Johnson and Johnson. In numerous pieces of the world, it is called as mortar or hansaplast as it gives dressing on wounds.


Item name: Transparent Adhesive tape

The thing which we perceive as Sellotape is really a brand name of clear sticky tape. Sellotape is well known everywhere throughout the world and different brands are mistaken for this name.


Item name: Photocopy

Xerox is a conventional term we use for photocopying a paper however as per the meaning of the Xerox machine producer, “you can’t xerox a record, yet you can duplicate it on a Xerox brand replicating machine”.


Item name: Image altering

This one is for the PC utilizing age which likes to play with illustrations utilizing programming. Photoshop has turned into a piece of web life and individuals use it as a nonexclusive term instead of enhancing with Photoshop and picture altering.

Flip Phone

Item name: Clamshell

Flip Phone is the name of a handset arrangement propelled by Motorola and the trademark privileges of this have now lapsed. The correct word for such telephones is clamshell.


Item name: Rebound tumbler

A trampoline was just a brand name before it won the hearts of individuals around the world. The main cutting edge trampoline was made in 1936 and it is really a bounce back tumbler. The trademark has now been expelled due to the conventional utilization of this term.

Jiffy Bag

Item name: Padded mailers

Things which we call as jiffy sacks are really cushioned mailers. These were right off the bat propelled by the Jiffy Packaging organization in 1964.


Item name: Vacuum jar

Vacuum jar word has been supplanted by the brand Thermos. Canteen was propelled in 1923 and from that point forward a great many people have overlooked that it was a trademark enrolled brand for which the organization needed to battle and missed out in 1962 after the US court took the choice in the support of the general population as the term wound up conventional.

Stream Ski

Item name: Personal Watercraft

Stream Ski is really the name of a brand which is claimed by a Japanese organization named Kawasaki. It was trademarked in 1972. The right word for Jet Ski is an individual watercraft.


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