These Old Pictures Of Joaquin Phoenix & Heath Ledger Chilling Together Are Pure Gold For Fans

These Old Pictures Of Joaquin Phoenix & Heath Ledger Chilling Together Are Pure Gold For Fans

Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Joker made him a household name for many who were not aware of the actor’s fine skills and huge history.

But the finesse with which he played the character in the 2019 movie made people stand up and draw parallels with Heath Ledger’s role in Batman: The Dark Knight .

Let’s not even get into the debate as to who between Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger was better at portraying the role of villainous Joker, because both of them did a stellar job. We were bowled over by both the performances, right?

Both of them deserve an Oscar, right?

Heath Ledger’s name is always there when you take the name Joaquin Phoenix and ‘Joker’. Joker is currently smashing records and is in the minds of fans around the globe. The comparison to Heath Ledger’s performance is often happening among the fans and it’s natural but Joaquin Phoenix and ‘Joker’ managed to curve his niche out of it.

Fans have been praising about the movie and the cultural impact it is emerging, including the serious mental health concerns it brings up. The fans now are digging up old pictures of Joaquin and Heath spending during their good old days and put their heartfelt messages to it.

This movie directed by Todd Philips with a budget of around $70million has already crossed over $556 million across the globe and is still going strong. 

And the two Joker Heath and Joaquin were close friends in real life and in the movie Joaquin also paid a tribute to Heath in this movie.

These photos are real gold. The memories stay alive in photos even if the people are not here among us. Heath’s legacy remains to be missed but is in the safe hands of Joaquin now.


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