These Strange Facts About Indian Royal Families Will Leave You Stunned

These Strange Facts About Indian Royal Families Will Leave You Stunned

Today, when we think about the extravagant and wealth few names comes in our mind  like Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani or Mark Zuckerberg. This idea comes us in creative energy that what kind of life these rich families spend and what might be their way of life.

India was the nation where so many emperor and kings ruled and a considerable were rich to the point that we can not get the idea. These royal families used to spend such an extensive amount and riches on their way of life and their ways were peculiar once in a while.

Abnormal Facts About Indian Royal Families

1. Ashoka The Great

Ashoka is a converted hie religion into Buddhism, Ashoka the Great was well known for cruelity. He murdered his 99 brothers out of 100 to get the kingdom for royal position and left just 1, name Tissa and made him as Deputy King. Ashoka the Chandal (merciless) a brutal king  later on progressed toward becoming Ashoka the Great after converted Buddhism and for spreading it the everywhere throughout the world.

2. Lord Jai Singh Of Alwar

Rolls Royce, car manufacturer organization once insulted King Jai Singh by not giving them Rolls Royce. They paid the simple substantial cost for it. King felt so much insulted that he was rejected and ignored as a customer that he ordered to his workers to utilize Royals Royce to pick the waste of the kingdom. The owner of the company  requested to king that he must pardon them as they feared losing brand esteem.

3. Nizam Of Hyderabad

Mir Osman Ali Khan Siddiqi was the last leader of Hyderabad.During 1940’s he was the most wealthy person in India and his aggregate riches was around 2 billion dollars which were then equivalent to 2% of America’s aggregate economy. He burned through $200 dollar and purchased Jacob precious stone, biggest jewel on the planet to utilize it as the paperweight.

4. Maharani Gayatri Devi

Maharani Gayatri Devi, Rajmata of Jaipur was a diva. Her imperial and extravagant life style was well known everywhere in the world. In 1960, she showed up in the list of 10 most delightful ladies on the planet by Vogue magazine.

5. Ruler Manvendra Singh Gohil

Homosexuality was never acknowledged as a good assest in the personality in Indian culture particularly when you belong a royal and reputed family. Sovereign Manvendra Singh Gohil acknowledged it publically however his family  feel bad for his statement for this at all and as a discipline must be followed in the family by other memberes and he was blamed that he  down the families name he was abandoned by his family and his name has been cut from the list of the family member.

6. Nawab of Junagarh

Mahabat Khan Rasul Khan Nawab of Junagarh washaving a  great affection with the dogs he was fond of dogs that he had 800 dogs and each puppy had an own attendant. He even throw the great party  on their marriage and once he invited emissary of India Lord Irvin. Master Irvin denied  to attend the party.

7. Ruler Bodhidharma And Kung Fu

India and Kung Fu had a connection from ancient time . Pallava Dynasty Prince Bodhidharma was such a great attarcted  with Kung Fu that he went to China and took physical training from Shaolin priests.

8. Maharani Indira Devi

From the ancient time, India’s Kings and emperors were famous for theirlife style and riches. Ruler Indira Devi of Cooch Bihar was one of them who wanted to spend a lot of bugs on her dresses and fashion style. When she got interested by Salvatore Ferragamo’sout fit designer, one of the well known fashion designer of that time. She requested 100 sets of shoes from designer which were decorative with expensive diamond, they were precious stone studded in her shoes which was the big matter in that time.

9. Mughal Harems

No one can imagine of Indian Mughal Harems who spend luxurious life and belong to royal family that women of these Harems used to wear one time after wearing one time they used to give tio their servant. A large number of the intriguing stories can be followed back to these Harems.

It is weird that today our nation is facing the problems of poverty a specific timeframe ever, India was colossally rich and nothing unexpected that it was tended to as Sona Ki Chidiya (The Golden Bird).