Thin Man Who Married A Plus-size Woman Talk About Their Relationship That Will Leave You Inspired

Thin Man Who Married A Plus-size Woman Talk About Their Relationship That Will Leave You Inspired

There are all kinds of labels these days. One of them is ‘mixed-weight relationship.’

Have you heard that before? Probably not, but it has been going around on social media. It refers to a couple that seems mismatched in terms of weight. It sounds weird, but the label of ‘mixed-weight’ couple is real.

It does not make sense that there is even a term for something so normal. Many couples have different complexions, eye color, and height. Are we going to give a name to those, too? Couples of different sizes fall in love and live happily together.

Society may have lots of standards about what is ‘acceptable,’ but there is a couple that is having none of that.

Amalie Jennings is Dutch, but she now lives in Hertfordshire with her husband, Sean. The woman has been happily married for more than two years even though she is with a man who is much leaner than she is.

The duo met online 11 years ago and struck a quick friendship, even though they did not meet for a year. At that time, they fell deeply in love.

However, the relationship has cost them. Sean explained that, although his father did not openly oppose the relationship, he was not supportive. In the end, the couple had to cut off from him.

More so, they have not always had it easy. She said:
“The thing with weight differences in relationships is there are always people who are like ‘why are you with that person?’ There’s this image that a fat person has to be with a fat person and a thin person has to be with a thin person. Why are there these expectations?.”

Despite dating online, Sean had always been aware of Amalie’s weight because he had seen her photos. Yet, the pictures he saw did not discourage him.

When asked if he was generally attracted to larger people, he said he was just drawn to people he loved. How heartwarming is that!

Meanwhile, Amalie said that being a big person meant that she was constantly bullied. It affected her to the point that she started binge eating.

Her self image was poor, and this only added to her weight. Eventually, she began accepting herself and loving her body when she reached her 20s as being with a man that cared about her so much reassured her of her worth.

This story proves that love has no limits! But after all, does weight matter in a relationship? 


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