Things That Akshay Kumar Doesn’t Want His Fans To Know!

Things That Akshay Kumar Doesn’t Want His Fans To Know!

Every One has own secret and he or she doesn’t want to disclose with anyone. It’s very common as well as stars are also human and want to keep secret some matter. They don’t want that they must come in the public. But media thinks that they have authority to know everything about the stars and popular personality Media always peep into stars affair lot.

Now here we are discussing about none other than Akshay Kumar.

Canadian Citizenship

The fact is Akshay Kumar has a Canadian citizenship. He had done doctorate with the degree of law and he is the brand ambassador of Canada. But India doesn’t allow to the citizen to take dual citizenship at a time so if he has to take the citizenship of India he can’t continue Canadian citizenship.

Debut movie

His first movie released saughandh but his signed his first movie deedar. Few of them know it.In deedar he had done work with Karishma Kapoor. He entered into bollywood in 1991 and he was on the top of the list who made more movies in the year.

Thrilled Stunt

Akshay Kumar known as khiladi and proved it by the dareness. In Aankhein movie he was doing the scene in this he has to swim with shark suddenly shark attacked him and it was hard to control the shark but he rescue.

Love boy

Akshay Kumar was known as Casanova in the Bollywood industry he had a long list of the affairs. He dated with Raveena Tondon , Ayasha Zulka, Puja Batra, Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra Katriina Kaif. It is also said that he had a relation with Rekha during making the movie “Khiladiyoun ka khiladi”. He dated so many actresses with the long time even he managed date with two actresses at the same time. His affair with Priyanka Chopra and Katreena Kaif had been after the marriage of Twinkle Khanna.

Secret Marriage

It is to be said that Akshay and Raveena Tondon got married but they dint confess in the public but the reason to break the marriage was the attitude of Akshay as a play boy and even he had affair with Rekha so their marriage has been end soon.

Dimple thought Akshay was  gay

When Akshay Kumar went to the home of Dimple to allow him marry with Twinkle. Dimple said to twinkle that she came to know that he is a gay. Twinkle clears her by saying that it is fake and now they are spending the happily married life.