This 10 Year Old Boy Travels 14 Kilometers Daily Just To Draw Two Cans Of Water

This 10 Year Old Boy Travels 14 Kilometers Daily Just To Draw Two Cans Of Water

The dry season in Maharashtra is declining by passing days. Everybody is worried over the exhausting water stock in catchment territories particularly in dry season influenced regions in Marathwada, Maharashtra. The locals of Mukundwadi, Aurangabad are hit by the draft and they’re battling strolling an additional mile to get water.

The grown-ups are just not the ones strolling a couple of additional miles to bring some water yet the little soul’s of the family has likewise stepped up and battle with the dry season circumstance inauspicious.

As of late a bit of news surfaced via web-based networking media making everybody stress and thoroughly consider the water lack. A 10-year-old kid named Siddharth Dhage has assumed the liability of expediting two jars of water his little shoulders in the wake of voyaging 14kms on the Aurangabad-Hyderabad. All things considered, Siddharth isn’t the only one different children Ayesha 12-year-old and her more youthful sister Sakshi 9-year-old from a similar territory goes via train each day for a similar reason.

Siddharth is an understudy of class 2 and his day by day trek to get water is convoluted. Siddharth goes out around early afternoon and strolls till the Mukundwadi railroad station. He jumps into a train till Aurangabad city intersection to draw water from the taps of the railroad station. The young man gets back home at 5.30 at night following 6 monotonous hours.

The separation is seven kilometers one way which makes it 14 kilometers two-way. The train isn’t generally on time which makes the water trek lengthier. Siddharth and his companions Ayesha and Sakshi hold up under a tree in the station till the train comes. When the train arrives they just get a small amount of minutes to bounce on the train with their water jars. Which general makes mayhem the same number of townspeople sheets the train to draw water.

Siddharth and his companions sit on the floor of the train. They just get 40 minutes to top off their jars. Be that as it may, returning home in a train with the substantial jars loaded up with water on his little shoulders without spilling water is an extreme work to accomplish for the little soul. At the time of playing with his companions, he has assumed the liability to bring water home reason his folks are occupied with attempting to procure cash for the family.

The lodging unit of Nirmala Devi Nagar which has 300 homes yet doesn’t have any water supply where for the most part everybody is a day by day bet. This reveals to us the basic state of water dry spell which hit the Marathwada locale .


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