This 11-year-old-boy from Punjab has won 45 gold medals in Karate

This 11-year-old-boy from Punjab has won 45 gold medals in Karate

11-year-old Krishav Mahajan has won a gold medal in Olympics Championship, also he has won 45 gold medals in karate.

He aspires to represent India in Olympics Championship and win a gold medal for his country. Till date, Krishav has won over 45 gold medals in Karate. Krishav has been learning Karate since the age of five and he has a collection of over 45 gold medals and many certificates.

Recently, he won a gold medal in the 20th Milo International Open Karate Championship at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Over 16 countries and over 2,200 participants had participated in the tournament.

Krishav Mahajan has witnessed many
tournaments and competitions ,also won them.

Pawan Kumar, Krishav’s Karate Coach said “He came here at the age of five. According to me, he is the first child to win an international black belt in Karate, hailing from Asia. I haven’t seen such a passionate child in my life. He was always passionate to learn Karate; he has never feared anything and anyone in the ring.”

“Krishav has attended various tournaments till now. Krishav has also competed with several strong players in the ring.His coach said:’ I train him for two hours each day. He started playing at the inter-school level and now he plays at the international level’

“I chose this game when I saw my coach performing Karate jumps. That was the moment when I decided to learn Karate. I have participated in various international tournaments in Malaysia and South Africa. I have won over 45 gold medals,” said Krishav.

“If my coach continues to pour his blessings over me then I’ll become the best Karate Champion,” he added.

Krishav Mahajan’s father stated

“Krishav used to go to a nearby mall with us. There was a Star Karate Club in the mall, he always used to notice that Karate club and since then he started insisting on learning Karate.”

“His interest kept on increasing for learning Karate which has turned into a passion now. He can leave his other mundane activities but he will never miss his Karate practice. So, Karate means everything to him now,”his father added.

Krishav’s father mentioned that he is the first child hailing from Asia, who completed the black belt dan 2 levels in Karate, at the age of 10. Currently, he is focusing on the upcoming world championship.

According to him, as a child, Krishav has compromised a lot in order to learn Karate and participated in various tournaments. He compromises his diet in mundane life and he does follow a proper diet chart. He wants to represent India in Olympics and aspires to win a gold medal for his country.

Krishav is determined on taking up Karate in future but the champ is equally taking care of his studies and school. After returning from school, Krishav attends his tuitions and go for his Karate training after completing all his school work.


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