This 21-Year-Old Woman Has Broken The Guinness World Record By Travelling To 196 Countries

This 21-Year-Old Woman Has Broken The Guinness World Record By Travelling To 196 Countries

From Yemen to Jordon to Kathmandu to Pakistan, 21-year-old voyager Lexie Alford has been to each on the planet. Lexie has authoritatively broken the Guinness World Record by turning into the most youthful individual to visit the 196 sovereign countries. What’s more, here I am, as yet setting aside up cash to go to Goa!

For Lexie, voyaging is in her blood. She shared how her folks, who possess a movement organization, would remove her from school to travel. “Travel has been a piece of my life since before I can recollect. My folks would remove me from school and spot me on free investigation for a considerable length of time and months on end each year,” she reviewed in a meeting with a magazine.

At the point when 21-year-old American lady Lexie Alford step foot in North Korea on May 31, she turned into the most youthful individual in history to make a trip to each nation around the globe. In doing as such, she beat the past Guinness World Record of James Asquith from the UK who made a trip to all the sovereign nations of the globe when he was 24 years of age. See photographs from the globetrotter’s outings beneath.

Lexie, whose family claims a movement office in California has been progressing in the direction of accomplishing this as far back as she was a tyke.

She likewise admitted that at first her plan was not to break any records but rather it was just later that she understood individuals had begun admiring her and that is the thing that kept her roused.

The explorer has reported her whole adventure over the globe on her blog as well as on her Instagram page where she is exceptionally dynamic. She presently has an Instagram following of 168k individuals.

Lexie who has kept her adherents refreshed about her whereabouts additionally has her own site which gladly shows the quantity of nations she has gone as 196 and zero in the rest of the nations tab.

Be that as it may, since voyaging is very costly she completed a great deal of arranging so as to finish her adventure effectively. Her voyaging has for the most part been self-supported. She got some brand bargains as a result of her Instagram nearness.

Notwithstanding that, she completed a great deal of photography and blogging all through her voyage and furthermore co-facilitated a movement show which will air soon.

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