This 21-YO Vadodara Braveheart Saved a Drowning Man & 3800 Distressed Animals!

This 21-YO Vadodara Braveheart Saved a Drowning Man & 3800 Distressed Animals!

Today,presenting you the exrtaordinary story of an ordinary girl named Bhargsetu, a resident of Vadodara, Gujarat.

At the age of 20 ,she was an NCC cadet and was an army aspraint , who by her work of kindness ,won many hearts .Recently ,she was seen in Roadies audition where she got selected and went on for the journey.

She starts up and says, “I had attended a training session for the Service Selection Board. Coincidentally, on the same day, we were also conducting a workshop for animal lovers.”

This workshop was being conducted by ‘Humans with Humanity’, an animal rescue and welfare community, that Bhargsetu had founded at the age of 16.

When the workshop came to an end, the volunteers decided to go for a picnic and urged Bhargsetu to join them. She agreed, and the group embarked on a trip to Mahi Sagar in Rasalpur.

She said “When we reached Mahi Sagar, I decided to swim in the deeper side of the river. Just when I was about to take the plunge, I heard screams. People were pointing out to the water and yelling, ‘Unko bacha lo’ (Save them).”

Two boys who had gone swimming into the deeper end were drowning. While one of the boys was rescued by a local, his friend was nowhere to be found.

She added “At first, I was standing at the highest point and tried searching for the boy. But, there was no movement or ripple in the water. As the crowd started panicking, I decided to dive into the river and continue the search. I swam for about 12 minutes, and as I neared the riverbed, I finally saw him. He was immobile, appeared lifeless. I couldn’t find a pulse and realized that he was going into cardiac arrest.”

The young cadet started giving CPR to the boy without wasting any second. As his jaws were locked, so she pushed her fingers into his mouth. She was careful as to not restrict his breathing and trying to get the water out.

Within minutes, his body went into a state of seizure, and he started biting Bhargsetu’s fingers. She adds: “As an animal rescuer, I have been bitten several times, but none as painful as human bites. My hand started bleeding in his mouth. But I knew if I stopped, we would lose him. I had to keep slapping him so that he wouldn’t pass out

The tribulation stopped after 21 minutes, and finally, a voice came , “Aur mat maro, dard ho raha hai” (Don’t slap me anymore, it is hurting me.)

My happiness knew no bounds. Had I not been able to save him, the guilt would have haunted me for the rest of my life.”she added joyfully.

When he was taken to the ambulance, the medics added how his rescue was a close shave.

Today, the young man is pursuing his higher studies in Singapore.

Bravo Bhargsetu’s were famous among people and won several awards at the state level including the Governor’s medal.

On a national level, she became the lone recipient of the prestigious Raksha Mantri Padak 2019. She was bestowed the honour by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman at the Republic Day NCC camp in Delhi Cantonment. The award is given to those cadets who go beyond their call of duty by displaying acts of bravery.

When her journey started she still had that glimps in her mind and she says:”I still remember when I was struggling, my commanding officer told me, ‘Bhargsetu, you have to do it.’ I took it up as a challenge and enrolled for the All India Nau Sainik Camp 2016, and I emerged as Gujarat’s Best Cadet, Best Firer and Parade Commander.

She got her NCC A-certificate from the Army wing and later, her NCC-B certificate from the Naval wing while completing her graduation from Maharaja Sayajirao University.

During the course of my NCC C-certificate, I scored the highest among all cadets and also emerged as the best cadet in 2017”she quoted.

Bhargsetu is now proceeding with her Masters in Social Work gives us a glimpse of her journey into animal rescue and welfare.

” My family is full of animal lovers, and while growing up, I always felt a connection and affinity towards neglected strays. In 2012, my father and I used to feed the newborn pups of a stray dog. As they grew a little older, the pups would litter around the compound. ” she said.

Their neighbors were just in tolerant for this action and took away the puppies and abandoned them in different locations. The watchman who had pleaded with them to not take away the pups told Bhargsetu’s family about the incident.

She recalls“We remember pleading to our neighbours because the mother was in deep distress and wouldn’t stop crying. When they refused to divulge any details, we filed a police complaint and got in touch with animal welfare NGOs. We successfully managed to reunite the pups with their mother after eight long hours.”

Bhagsetu asserted that in past 6 yrs., she has rescued close to 3,800 distressed strays and birds .

During the kite-flying festival called Uttarayan ,which is very popular in Gujarat, she received numerous calls for rescue and couldn’t go to all the locations to save the injured birds, she started a Facebook page called ‘Humans with Humanity.’

Eight of her friends supported her and using their own funds; they continued the rescue work. Today, the community has over 82 volunteers.

Apart from her parents, family and friends, Bhargsetu credits her achievements to her partner, Shardul Dave.

Humans with Humanity continued for a long time as a self-funded community, now Bhargsetu and Shardul are now planned with the extention of their actions for rescue.

She says”We want to register the community as an animal welfare NGO, and continue to impact the lives of many strays and distressed animals,”

With her selection in MTV’s popular show ‘Roadies Real Heroes.’ ,increased her fan-base, which has attracted the youth to join her in the act of kindness.We are so proud of this young fighter who is a great inspiration for everyone.


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