This 29-Year-Old Women Is On Her Way To Win Rs 72 Lakhs Just For Not Using Her Smartphone For A Year

This 29-Year-Old Women Is On Her Way To Win Rs 72 Lakhs Just For Not Using Her Smartphone For A Year

Cell phones ..Cell phones …cell phones..such an impactful word and the gadget ,without which we cannot even think ourselves. With the fast growing technology we have smart phones which are making us dependent on them so much ,that we really miss enjoying the real atmosphere around us . But wait, not all are the same ..some people have different priority in their lives and they are ready to accept the challenge.

One such person is Elana Mugdan, a 29-year-old lady from Queens, New York. According to CNN, in the month of December, Vitaminwater, a CocaCola company, choose Mugdan from more than 100,000 applicants for their ‘Scroll Free for a Year’ challenge.

The challenge is that if she can go an entire year without using a smartphone, she gets the prize money of $100,000. To make the challenge fair, Vitaminwater replaced her Apple iPhone 5s with a Kyocera flip phone that can only be used to make calls and text messages

She has already completed eight months of the challenge that will end in February 2020, after which she has to go through a lie detector test to claim the prize money.

To keep her life going, the company allowed Mugdan to use computers along with smart devices that are powered by Amazon or Google.

No doubt the task is difficult to achieve and she has found herself in situations where she felt the need for a smartphone, but despite some frustrations and difficulties, she says that giving up on her smartphone was one of the best decisions she made in her life.

In an interview with CNN she quoted:

Getting away from the smartphone has been freeing, and it has opened my eyes and made me more aware of some of my other bad health habits. Now I’m working on turning my life around, slowly but surely, day by day. “

One can easily understand that living without smartphones for 8 months is really a hats off. Nonetheless , with her dedication ,within months she will be the winner of $100,000.


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