This 50-Year-Old Singaporean Hunk has Stunned The World With The Body Of A 20-Year-Old

This 50-Year-Old Singaporean Hunk has Stunned The World With The Body Of A 20-Year-Old

Only some of us are blessed with both good looks and physique. A man with these two qualities can drive any woman crazy for sure. Men who look young even in their late thirties and forties are even more tough to resist. A man, who has both, looks and physique is Chuando Tan, the impressive hunk from Singapore who is much more than what a girl can crave for! He looks too young like 20-year old in spite of being in his 52. He is blessed with amazing body and dashing looks.

Chuando Tan is a former pop singer and then he turned to a photographer. He has his own modelling agency. His diet is the secret behind his handsome looks and maintained body. His diet includes alot of chicken and an adequate amount of sleep. Here we are with his special diet.

Back in 1980s he was a model, then he gravitated towards pop music and then finally settled for photography. After the advice of his friend, he posted his picture instead of his client’s picture and it went viral everywhere. When his fans saw the pictures they felt that he hadn’t changed a bit. Some said it was genetic while some said it was the environment of Singapore that helped him stay young.

Breakfast diet

Egg is very important for breakfast. He eats 6 complete boiled eggs with 2 yolks. He revealed that he eats a lot of chicken. He drinks milk with avocados. He makes sure a high intake of water and doesn’t have any bad habit of drinking or smoking.


He has his fix time for exercise and training that’s 4 times a week or sometimes 3 times but he swims every day and focuses more on strength training.

He strongly believes in being happy and fit

He believes that it is very important to stay happy to look young and fit for a long time.  Hence he says do what makes you happy.

No skincare products

As he has a very sensitive skin, he only uses gel face wash and a moisturizer to look fresh.

Maintain good sleeping habits

He sleeps by 11 pm and avoids late night stuff and takes his meal 5-6 hours before sleeping.