This 68-Yr-Old Saudi Prince Marries 25-Year-Old Girl by Buying her for $50 Million

This 68-Yr-Old Saudi Prince Marries 25-Year-Old Girl by Buying her for $50 Million

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Wedding is one of the most precious thing in one’s life .. Government has made the age criteria for being the official partner .. ie. to marry .. But have you ever thought , when they have the minimum age criteria , why they don’t have the Max. age criteria ??

Well!! this statement is not necessary , I guess because the incidence I will make you aware , does not relate to this question ..

Bride, who is believed to be a national of United Arab Emirates, received numerous gifts for her elaborate wedding, aside from the $50m bride price.

A chariot filled with gifts for the bride and her family was also seen at the venue of the wedding. Stories about the elaborate wedding, which took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Kuwait at Burj Alshaya, have gone viral on the internet, with many reactions trailing it.

A Twitter user, Amal Abdul @amalabdul, shared the details of the wedding on her handle.

he tweeted: “Sultan bin Salman Saudi prince 68 years old married a 25yr old girl. Her dowry was 50M dollars, the convoy had about 20-30 white range rovers, a lot of diamonds as gift and this was her in the wedding gown.” Sultan Salman Abdulaziz al-Saud was born in 1956 in Riyadh, so he was actually 62 at the time of the wedding, not 68.

He was the first Saudi, Arab or Muslim to travel into space, which he did in 1985 aboard NASA’s space shuttle Discovery. His father has been king of Saudi Arabia since 2015.

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