This Assamese Man Invented Bamboo Water Bottles That Are 100% Leak-Proof

This Assamese Man Invented Bamboo Water Bottles That Are 100% Leak-Proof

Since India is applicable with the reality of the ban of the single use plastic ,people are with their unique ideas and stuffs replacing plastic .Plastic bottles are one of the major number used in large quantity.

Let’s show you today one of the unique idea of Assamese craftsman
Dhritiman Borah .

Since 2018, an Assam craftsman and business owner is using his creative idea of the reusable water bottle. He has developed the first-ever water bottle made completely of bamboo. At the price of 400 to 600 Rs , the bottle is extremely affordable.He brought this eco-friendly bottle to market, has not been straightforward, but he and his company are striving to conquer challenges.

The main business of Borah’s (M/s DB Industries), is to make home goods, furniture, kitchenware, and traditional Assam jewelry. He came up ith the unique idea which confines his imagination, Borah spread his roota to the product line of the business and has been met with reasonable success over the last eighteen years. Over time, his business has become family-oriented too. Borah’s younger brother and father also work alongside him at M/s DB Industries. 

If we talk about the bottle ,though it has already been patented in China, Borah set his product, and himself, apart by making the water bottle 100% from bamboo. There is no metal cap or glass inserts, as seen with the water bottles made in China. He feels the structure of bottle is more attractive and can get enough customers, as the bottle is now entirely organic. The company is also producing mugs, water glasses, and wine glasses entirely from bamboo .

Each water bottle is hand made over five to six hours. The bamboo is purified and strengthened through a process of boiling, drying, and smoking. Though this process makes a quality product, Borah describes how faster manufacturing will play a role in bringing more water bottles to market in the future.

He told TheHindu: “the challenge lies in getting machinery or tools from Guwahati, the nearest commercial center, and dispatching the finished products.” Borah’s brother Gaurav adds, “We are currently producing about 1,500 bamboo bottles a month, way below the demand. If we had a lathe machine, a larger dryer, and other tools, we could produce about 8,000 a month. But that is quite a lot of investment” .

Now ,they are trying luck in e-commerce so that the customers should know more about the product and as they say that internet marketing is the fastest way to reach the customers.


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