This brand sells b00b pillow for Rs 5k to fight cleavage wrinkles. Internet is bowled over

This brand sells b00b pillow for Rs 5k to fight cleavage wrinkles. Internet is bowled over

If you identify as a woman in this world, there’s a very high chance that your body is scrutinized and held up to unrealistic beauty standards on an everyday basis.

Your skin colour, the shape of your eyebrows, the size of your breasts, your waist size, the gap (or the lack of it) in between your thighs– the list is pretty endless. In fact, we didn’t even know some of those things make us ‘imperfect’ till brands started launching strange products. And now, women folks of the world have been presented with yet another miraculous product– one that promises to get rid of wrinkles on your cleavage.

Yes, you read that right. And no, we are not kidding.

Yes, it’s a real thing. Nevermind the fact that before this you’ve never thought, ‘Man, I really need to get rid of wrinkles on my cleavage,’ because you probably didn’t notice you had any wrinkles in the first place.

Banking on the same strategy as the entire billion dollar beauty industry which markets off making you feel as bad about yourself as possible,Anti-ageing company Sleep & Glow is selling a ‘pillow bra’. And it seems, women are buying it. 

Retailing for $69 which is Rs 4,890, the pillow promises to “reduce or completely cures the appearance of existing chest wrinkles.”

Product description says, “The pillow bra helps fight skin creases and cleavage wrinkles when sleeping on the side. It is a must have for ladies with gorgeous forms. The bra is an ideal gift for you and your girlfriends.”

Yes, we have the same question What?

After the bizarre product was posted online it obviously went viral and left Twitter genuinely confused. Here’s what Twitter is saying:

Well, let’s just say it: We don’t need this. We’ll say it louder for the people at the back: ageing is not shameful, women’s bodies are not intrinsically ugly.


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