This Brazilian Guy Uses Dumped Tires To Create Beds For Animals

This Brazilian Guy Uses Dumped Tires To Create Beds For Animals

People often say that there is no beauty that shines better than that of a good heart. As we all know, good deeds always pay off. A young Brazilian craftsman by the name Amarildo Silva is certainly one of those who has a good heart. He dedicated one year and six months of his life to provide comfort and joy to animals. What does he do? He turns the old weary thrown out tires from the streets into comfortable and decorated beds for animals.

Everything started when Amarildo was looking for a way to make some cash. He decided to make use of the trash that people throw out in the streets. Silva always had a passion for truing handicrafts from the discarded items that served no other purpose when discarded.

By creating something unnecessary that people considered trash, not only did Silva helps the environment but also made some extra bucks in the process.

Amarildo once noticed that the old tires that were thrown out in the streets were used by dogs as shelters. Seeing that, he came up with an idea to make something for animals to give them a feeling of home with comfort.

The artist collected all these tires from the streets and took them home to place them in his backyard. He has also dedicated one room of his house for storing these used tires.

After that, he cuts them, washes them and paints them. He also draws unique designs on each tire along with the name of the animal that will have it.

In addition to making beds, the artist also makes some of the beautiful containers for plants out of these tires as well.

The artist in his passion combined two things he loves the most; helping the stray animals and doing crafts. Silva believes that his project will contribute to making a more sustainable world along with raising more innovative ideas for a socio-environmental impact.


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