This Brilliant Hack by Meerut Students Saved Over 150 Liters of Milk Offered in Temple!

This Brilliant Hack by Meerut Students Saved Over 150 Liters of Milk Offered in Temple!

The student group utilized for this cost Rs 2500 in a development area and helped to save the milk over 150 liters of drain.

It was India’s first Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru, who portrayed India in his book ‘Discovery of India’ as a ‘heap of contradiction’. What an able depiction without any doubt.

From one perspective, we have a huge number of kids who are dying not having the proper staple diet just because of not having food so they face so many health problems. Then again, a huge number of liters of milk is poured away consistently as to offer to our Gods. For sure, the World Bank appraises that India has one of the highest rates of malnutrition on the planet.

The Madras High Court in 2014 passed a order in a PIL to stop to this wastage of milk in a drain. While the order was a positive development, the court likewise surrendered that it couldn’t compel the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department to finish.

24-year-old Karan Goel who is living in Meerut, decided that milk should not be pour away in the drain just to pray to God everyday and during the festive season the milk has been wasted more than other days. His four friends are along with him who are engaged to save the milk wastage without any contamination.

The group has persuaded the priest at Bileshwar Nath mandir in Meerut to set up the system on Shivratri and distributed leaflets and distribute them to all devotee who visit the temple. On Wednesday, by their corporation they saved more than 100 liters of milk and distributed it to those kids who need it and orphan kids, this marvelous work published in Times of India.

The thought is remarkable in its effortlessness and figures out how to adjust the balance the commonsense realities and religious emotions of the general population.

“Devotees pour milk on the kalash which is set appropriate over the Shivling. There are two holes in the Kalash — one on its base and the other one at a center height. The Kalash had a limit of seven liters in it. One litre of milk streamed down on the Shivling, six liters streamed into a container through the pipe joined to the second gap,” Karan said.

The milk is utilized for this cost Rs 2500 to develop and helped saved just about 150 liters of milk. This milk was sent to Satyakaam Manav Seva Samiti, which gives shelter to orphanage kids and HIV positive kids.

The container has been given to the priest and each monday milk would be kept aside to be sent to different shelters in the city.

We feel this is an activity that ought to be urged and it must be adopted crosswise over India. The thought appears to be a God-sent.