This IIT Madras Gutter Cleaning Robot Is Ready To Save 23,000 Sewage Workers Lives Per Year

This IIT Madras Gutter Cleaning Robot Is Ready To Save 23,000 Sewage Workers Lives Per Year

In India, around 23,000 specialists who clean the sewage in India bite the dust each year.

The sewage cleaners who enter the sewer vents and drains aren’t given any kind of defensive rigging either that could keep them from the hurtful gases inside.

In any case, as of late, a gathering of understudies at Center for Non-Destructive Evaluation division at IIT-Madras uncovered that they’re chipping away at a robot called SEPoy that was made to help spare the life of these laborers.

SEPoy was anticipating lab preliminaries to get to the following stage and as indicated by late reports, the lab preliminaries for the robot has finished up effectively. SEPoy is required to enter the Indian market in a year or two.

Made by Dr.Prabhu Rajagopal, SEPoy is a pneumatically controlled robot that gauges 50 kilograms. The robot accompanies a camera introduced which is associated with a control unit outside. The camera will help the robot administrator to investigate the sewer and check the state of the sewage line.

The robot is additionally outfitted with a lot of high-speed cutters that will assist it with cutting through the thick slime in the septic and clear the stop up. The sepoy is additionally outfitted with 360-degree turning arms to gather and clear the sewage rottenness.

The cleaning procedure is led in two stages. The main stage includes the clearing of the muck utilizing the high-speed cutters. The second eliminate the robot siphons a portion of the substance from the sewage and filling it the tank or repository with water.

What’s likewise intriguing about the SEPoy is that the robot isn’t support substantial and along these lines considers to be a savvy device. The whole unit costs some place around Rs 5-10 lakhs.

The group is working alongside National Commission for Safai Karamcharis and is in chats with different services and districts for mass appropriation of SEPoy.


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