This is how a Domestic Maid showered with huge Job offers after her Visiting card Went Viral

This is how a Domestic Maid showered with huge Job offers after her Visiting card Went Viral

The job of domestic help continues to remain one of the most thankless jobs in India. From cooking, cleaning and taking care of kids, everything runs smoothly because of their helping hand. But when it comes to dignity, there’s no mention of it and people more often than not tend to ignore this aspect.

To instill a sense of dignity and respect in this profession a Pune woman decided to design a visiting card for her maid and it turned out to be an instant hit.

“Ghar Kaam Maushi in Bavdhan. Aadhaar card verified,” says the visiting card. The creative visiting card was made by Dhanashree Shinde, a digital marketing executive, at whose home Geeta works.

Dhanashree took to Twitter and posted a picture with Geeta and shared the visiting card that read, “And here she is! Geeta Maushi with her Card! #Pune #Trending #ItWentViral.” Check it out:

A picture of the visitng card was shared by Yashwant Deshmukh, who wrote, ‘Received this as a forward on multiple WhatsApp group,  mostly with funny comments. But I found this really nice and progressive. This is serious work which deserves serious appreciation from all of us. So here is a toast to Geeta Kale Ji. More power to you, Ma’am.’

One day when Dhanashree returned home from work, she found her domestic help Geeta upset about losing a job. Moved by her plight, Dhanashree decided to design a business card for her so that people get to know about her skills.  

“I called her from the kitchen and asked her to sit beside me to note down the rates of her household chores. In the next two minutes, the card design was ready. To it, I added a small line saying ‘Aadhaar Card verified’ to let people gain confidence in her. I place the order for 100 cards and we received a bunch of cards after two days. I gave her the cards and asked her to distribute it to a few watchmen of nearby societies,” Dhanashree recalled.

She further said, “I genuinely wanted her to get new work through the cards and instead it ended up going viral. Of course, she did receive calls from Bavdhan and has fixed a few appointments in the coming days to start her new work.”

Not only did Geeta’s business card go viral, she also started receiving a lot of job offers from across the country. The post says that her phone hasn’t stopped ringing since then. Unable to deal with the sudden pouring of offers, Kamle had to hand over her phone to Shinde, who was “awestruck”.

People also loved this idea and the intention behind it. Isn’t this beautiful? Internet being put to perfect use. We hope Geeta maushi finds another job soon.


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