This is How Our Favorite Bollywood Celebs will Look After 21 Days of Lockdown

This is How Our Favorite Bollywood Celebs will Look After 21 Days of Lockdown

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Amidst Novel Corona-virus when the government is taking utmost care and precaution for the nation, Corona warriors are giving their days and nights to control the contagious epidemic . All citizens are given clear instructions to spend time at home in this 21 days lock -down.

People are following the rules rigorously by spending quality time at home and doing their favorite stuff but as no-body is allowed to step out of the home, all the gyms, restaurants, spas and parlors are shut for time being. The absence of professional touch-up for body maintenance would be bothering the Bollywood celebs equally.

Several memes have been made in the name of the quarantine pre and post look but today, we are presenting you some of the pictures of celebs who would look hilarious indeed after 21 days of self isolation.

Let’s have a look:

# 1 Ranveer Singh in love with the Jack Sparrow Hair-style…

# 2 Alia Bhatt after all house-hold chores for 21 days 🙂

# 3 Virat Kohli without his squad for so long !!

# 4 Salman Khan missing his gym with that lots of eating .

# 5 Anushka Sharma fed up of Virat being home for so long (hahha)

# 6 Saif Ali Khan , being vegan for long!!

# 7 Priyanka Chopra after the self make-up tutorial.

# 8 Vidya Balan waiting for day 21 of Quarantine..

# 9 Ajay Devgan without his Vimal Pan Masala for long

# 10 Anil Kapoor got some more “me” time. He is aging Backward.

So guys!! which one did you find the most hilarious? Share your views in the comment section below.


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