This is How Saif Ali Khan Earned back ‘Pataudi Palace’ of Worth Rs 800 Crores From Its Tenants

This is How Saif Ali Khan Earned back ‘Pataudi Palace’ of Worth Rs 800 Crores From Its Tenants

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The Royal Pataudi family need no introduction .It has sportsperson and actors who are at the renowned position till date . Saif Ali Khan , son of the late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and yesteryear actor, Sharmila Tagore, shared that he had to earn back his ancestral palace in Pataudi after it was rented out to a hotel chain post his father’s demise.

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Talking about the Pataudi Palace , it was Built in the style of Imperial Delhi’s colonial mansions and was designed by Robert Tor Russell in the early 1900’s. Robert was assisted by Austrian architect Karl Molt von Heinz.

The princely estate is also known as ‘Ibrahim Kothi’ and it is situated in the town of Pataudi in Haryana’s Gurgaon district.

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The area of the Pataudi Palace is spread across 10 acres and has 150 rooms, including seven dressing rooms, seven bedrooms, seven billiard rooms, as well as palatial drawing rooms and dining rooms. The property is valued at a whopping Rs 800 crores.

In an interview with IndiaToday , Saif spoke about the assumptions that he inherited the beautiful Pataudi Palace from his father. He quoted “People have a certain fixed notion. For that matter, even (with) Pataudi (palace), when my father (Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) died, it got rented to Neemrana Hotels. Aman (Nath) and Francis (Wacziarg) used to run (the hotel). Francis passed away. He’d said that if I wanted (the palace) back, I could let him know. I said that I want it back. They held a conference, and said, okay, you have to give us lots of money,” 

Francis Wacziarg and Aman Nath, owners of the Neemrana Hotels network of “non-hotel hotels” and the late Mansoor Ali Khan worked out a 17-year lease. The ancestral property operated as The Pataudi Palace Hotel between 2005 and 2014 before being repossessed by Saif Ali Khan.

Saif also quoted that he had to earn back something he was meant to inherit, saying, “The house I’m supposed to have inherited has been earned back through money from films. You can’t live off the past. At least we can’t in our family, because there was nothing. There is history, culture, beautiful photographs; and, of course, some land. It has been a privileged upbringing. But there’s been no inheritance.”

Iftikhar Ali Khan , Saif’s Grandfather and father of Late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi , was the last ruling Nawab and he passed on Pataudi Palace to his son, the last recognized titular nawab, Mansoor Ali khan.

Saif wanted the palace to have that comfort and understated style rather than excessive luxury, so he got the family home refurnished by interior designer Darshini Shah.


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