This Is How These 18 Famous Products Looked At The Time Of Their Invention

This Is How These 18 Famous Products Looked At The Time Of Their Invention

When a scientist started to research or struggle to invent new thing he just not spend only time and money but also so many things. When a something new happened the invention has been having some future updates. But the scientist always invents the first instrument it is very close to his heart. After some time it is updated.

These machineries contributed the crucial part our daily routine. When they were invented i.e shape design and look even working process. Everything was totally changed from the starting till now.

When you have seen the first picture of the product definitely you will thanked to God that you were not present at that time to use that product.

Let’s have a look of the world product of the world.

The First Apple Computer

Now a day to buy an apple phone or laptop is a dream and symbol of a status. But when it was invented the look of the first computer of apple was drastic. In 1976, it was named Apple-1 which was released by Apple Company.

First Car By Ford

One of the most luxurious car is ford but if you will see the first model of the car it is totally different from now. It was the first generation of the car. And in this picture it was the original model of car.

The First Television Samsung

It was the created in first invention P3202 model and now is slimmer like a smart phone.

The First Bosch Refrigerator

This was the first Bosch refrigerator. I believe that it was a shocking for you.

The first version of windows

Now everything is depend on window but this was the first look of the window. It is the picture of that time when window existed in the world.

The First Siemens Telephone

This was the first Siemens telephone and this is called Mobiltelefon C1.

IKEA Catalog Cover

The most popular magazine IKEA Catalog cover was shocking. This book is selling like a hot cake.

The First Canon Camera

The first canon camera was Kwanon. The named was Kwanon.

The First Harley

I love the sound of a Harley Davidson. It was the first model.

The first HP Laptop.

This is the picture of first moel of the laptop. It was known as HP-110.

The First Crème By Nivea

Nivea is selling in the market as a hot cake but the first look of that creame is like that.

First Chanal

The most first brand fragrance is chanal. It was the trusted brand. Chanal nos 5 looked like this.

Sony Camera

First Camera of Sony model is HVC-F1. It is used in the majority of production of house.

The first vogue magazine Cover

Vogue is the first lavish brand and it has the first magazine which covers unfold the story of first brand of fashion.

The First condom

Presently Condom comes in a various flavor. But in 1640 it was the first condom. And it was made of skin of sheep.

The First Barbie Shop

Every girl wants to play with Barbie doll. It was the first look of the Barbie doll.


It was the first model of Iphone , the most advance technique has been captured by this phone.

The first toothpaste by Colgate

It was the first picture of the cleaning toothpaste. This is the first invented teeth cleaning toothpaste.