This Is How Your Favorite Celebrities REACT When Beggars Ask Them For Money

This Is How Your Favorite Celebrities REACT When Beggars Ask Them For Money

Bollywood stars are well known personality and rules people heart they with just one film they earn massive amount of money as you may know some of them donate or they run charity to support the helpless people but for some people its just a publicity stunt and often media targets big Celebrities like salman khan who run’s a charity trust name  Being Human.But are Are these celebrities as humble on the road when approached by beggars so today we are going to tell you what happen when a beggar ask money from celebrities.

Salman khan

Everyone know’s that salman khan is a down-to-earth person and that’s why everyone call him ‘bhai jain’ according to our sources once he was walked out of a restaurant and saw that  poor children selling books and balloons he goes towards to those children exchanged hugs and later made donations to those children.

Shaharukh khan

Badshah khan of bollywood  once was approached by a beggars who asked him for food then shaharukh offered  him food he order his team to arrange food for the beggar from a restaurant.

Malaika arora

It is reported that once Malaika was approached by a old lady for money when she was leaving a high-end restaurant in Bandra it was shocking she didn’t bother herself and said “I don’t have my bag”.

Lulia Vantur

recently Lulia was out with Salman Khan then a hungry lady beggar approached Iulia she was very kind to her and he talk to her and later gave her some money.

Zayed khan

Bollywood and tv actor Zayed khan  was on his way to Fardeen Khan’s birthday party but suddenly some slam kids surrounded him Zayed was generous to him and  picked one of them and placed him on the lap and gave kisses.

Fatima Sana Sheikh and Sanya Malhotra

Dangal girls Fatima Sana Sheikh and Sanya Malhotra was once walking out for the a restaurant, then a few street children who are a big fan for them came to meet them both of them  humbly interacted with them and click some photos with them.


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