This is Why Khiladi Kumar Gave His ‘Best Actor’ Award to Aamir Khan, Watch Video

This is Why Khiladi Kumar Gave His ‘Best Actor’ Award to Aamir Khan, Watch Video

Did you know Akshay Kumar once refused to accept an award for best actor and gave it to Aamir Khan instead?

We just unearthed an old video of Akshay winning the Popular Choice Best Actor Award for Singh Is King and subsequently giving it to Aamir Khan.

In the video Akshay gives a heartfelt speech on how he believes Aamir’s performance in Ghajini deserves the award more than him, leaving audiences in shock. He begins the speech by thanking the fans for their constant support.

“I’m actually so touched. Really. I wanted this little beauty my whole career, for the last 18 years. I strive for this moment to achieve such an honour. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would happen to me, a Chandni Chowk ka ladka. But it has and it came from you, the people,” Akshay says in the video.

“But as I stand here, holding my dream in my hand and my father’s love in the other, I just want to tell you something. Few days back, I saw this movie Ghajini and I was bowled over. I saw Singh Is King again after that, when I was coming from London to Mumbai. I couldn’t help but compare our work. That’s when I knew without a doubt that the best actor this year, by far, according to me, is Mr Aamir Khan for Ghajini,” he added.

Aamir underwent an incredible physical transformation for Ghajini, and Akshay was all praise for him. “What that man did for his movie was pure dedication. It is, as they say, historic,” he said.

“I refuse to be the man that pretends to take this away from him. I’m not going to do that at all. I know that this moment is never going to come again in my life but I cannot walk out from here holding something which I know doesn’t belong to me,” Akshay said.

The Pad Man actor added, “I’m sure I haven’t offended my people who have voted for me. I’m still here, striving for your love, your support and maybe one day, I will win it back again… I thank you from all my heart but Aamir, this one is for you, mate. You deserve it!”

Here’s the video:

As we all know Aamir doesn’t attend any award functions, so he was not present there at that moment. But I’m sure he felt happy with this heartwarming gesture by Akshay.


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