This Man Lost 40Kgs And He Ate Chicken Biryani For Dinner Everyday

This Man Lost 40Kgs And He Ate Chicken Biryani For Dinner Everyday

“Resolve and want, when legitimately consolidated, make a compelling pair.”

This statement fits well in our the present story which is about a Gurgaon-based businessman, Hemant Rao, who lost 40 kilograms over a year. From gauging 120 kilograms in mid 2017 to getting to be 80 kilograms per year later, Hemant’s self control to get more fit and a little order throughout everyday life, made him a motivation for some.

His voyage is one of solid and stringent diligence, torment and sweat. On the off chance that shedding weight is on your rundown for a long while, however you are not ready to get that motivation, this story is all you need.

“My journey to fitness started after facing the embarrassment of not being able to complete a supposedly very easy 2-day trek, Nag Tibba. It was in beginning 2017, when I decided to take this trek with my college friends. Being a mountain person, I went there with a lot of excitement and thrill but only to return with a lot of guilt and embarrassment. Due to my heavy weighed body and lack of energy, I stayed back at the base camp whereas my other friends went and completed the trek. It was that point when I realised I needed a transformation. I needed to become fit so that I can climb much higher mountains. I would call that day as the turning point in my life because after that, there was no looking back or falling down.

I came back and joined the gym and found that my fitness level was so down that I could barely manage to complete a single push up. I developed the attitude and mental conditioning to completely devote myself to my fitness and I hired a personal trainer who helped me get started.

We always owe a lot to our mentors and in my case, I owe a lot to my trainers who always encouraged and pushed me to achieve greater level of fitness.

From taking the help of circuit training and cardio training, I switched to diet. With my initial training of 5-6 months, I was able to shed 20 kilograms. After my first 6 months of fitness training, I decided to take another trek, and this time it would be more challenging. I decided to go for a mountain trek called “The Roopkund Trek” which gave me an experience which deserves no word less than mesmerizing. I lived in a heaven for 8 days.

This time, being weighed at 101 kilograms, I led my trek group, carrying all my luggage (which weighed approximately 20 kilograms) till the top. Completing the trek and reaching at 16,000 feet gave me the high sense of pride and accomplishment, given the number of trekkers had got ill or given up half way through the trek.

After this victory of being able to finish the trek successfully, I resumed my fitness journey and since then, I am on a healthy diet whereby I managed to eat something I love without putting on more weight. Do remember, initial cravings would always want you to break your diet chart but just stick by it, just hang on for a while, and you will come out winner in your journey. In my journey of last six months, I owe a lot to “SQUATS” platform which helped my found my mentor, my coach BalaKrishna Reddy who made me understand the importance of quantified nutrition and training. He really inspired me to follow my diet religiously and following my mentor’s words, I did exactly how he said. Initial temptations were obviously there but his inspiration and motivation were bigger than anything.

There’s a general perception about diet food being tasteless and bland and rigid, however, to my surprise it wasn’t so at all. All my meals were cooked in one spoon of ghee (three spoons a day). My breakfast included 4-5 whole eggs omelettes which includes the yolk. The omelette used to be prepared in green veggies (spinach/cauliflower) which gave it a variety and a new taste every once in a while.

My lunch included 100-200 Grams of paneer with green veggies. One can make the heavenly delicious versions of chilli paneer and other veggies.

My dinner included a chicken biryani. Yes! I had it almost every day and would only miss it when it was a low carb day. My meal includes 100-200 grams of rice with 300 grams of chicken. And that’s not all! In between meals I would eat green salads if I was hungry or just needed something to munch on.”

Along these lines, Hemant’s voyage lets us know, in the event that you are resolved to accomplish something, regardless, everything without exception is attainable. Shouldn’t something be said about the exhausting and repetitive eating regimen? As he appropriately stated, you simply need to discover joy in what you have. He discovered his satisfaction in same paneer yet figured out how to make various adaptations of it.

In the event that an individual who was dependent on chips, spicy junk, desserts and marathon watching Netflix can come down to as low as 80 kilograms with the tallness of 6.4, we as a whole simply need that resolve and assurance to begin our wellbeing venture.

Indian culture accompanies a great deal of wrong dietary patterns with expanding impact of western sustenance propensities. Simply teach yourself about it and begin your way.


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