This Rescued King Penguin LovE to go To The Fish Market everyday to fetch Dinner

This Rescued King Penguin LovE to go To The Fish Market everyday to fetch Dinner

Animals are too innocent and adorable ,especially , when it comes to the cute looking koalas or penguins . Some days prior , we shared a story , where , a penguin goes long distances to meet his rescuer ..

Once again , we are back with another story of a lovable penguin…

Meet Lala – an adorable King penguin who was living for years with a Japanese family

The documentary was made in 1996 when Lala was around 10 years old. Back in the day, Lala the King penguin spent his days living in an air-conditioned room and roamed around the streets of his town.

After the family took him to the market for the first time, Lala kept going back. So the family made a decision to put a tiny backpack on him and taught Lala to get fish from the market on his own.

Let’s cherish some of the pictures which are so adorable.

I am just mesmerized by the view of this little cute fellow and it must be an awesome sight for the villagers , seeing the penguin wandering around with his tiny backpack!

Lala was caught and injured in a fishing net. He was henceforth taken care by the family and got back best in his health .

By that time, the penguin had gotten too attached to the family and didn’t want to leave them, so the decision was made to keep him and to make sure he would have a comfortable life in conditions that are unusual to penguins.

Lala is no more now but his memories got captured for lifetime

Let’s view some loving compliments of social media users…

Watch video below.


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