This school in Gaya charges waste, not fees from its students

This school in Gaya charges waste, not fees from its students

At first look, the Padampani School in Sevabigha town, seven kilometers from the world legacy site of Mahabodhi Mahavihar, appears some other school. The school gives educational cost free of expense to students, alongside books and stationery. What makes Padampani one of a kind is rather than educational cost expenses, students are approached to get squander on their approach to class and store the gathered waste in the dustbins set outside the school grounds, which is later sent for reusing. This one of a kind school additionally shows its understudy to esteem the earth, practice neatness and spare groundwater.

Meera Mehta, head of Padampani School says, “The main objective behind the concept of collecting waste as school fees is to inculcate a sense of responsibility among children so that they are not ignorant of the impact of global warming and environmental hazards. We instruct out children not leave even a single piece of waste along the road on their way to school. Many of them also work for cleanliness and water management in their respective villages.” 

“We have 250 students enrolled, from the primary section to class eight. All our students are from Mahadalit or OBC families who cannot afford to send their children to school. Our main aim is to keep the area around the world heritage site clean, as lakhs of tourists from all over the world arrive every year. Our approach has been working and you will not find a single piece of waste lying around the school campus or outside,” said the head.

The Padampani School began at the Mahadalit town of Sevabigha in 2014 with 50 students, principally from groups of ragpickers. Volunteers of the NGO Socio-Educational Foundation frequented the adjacent towns and persuaded guardians to send their youngsters to the school.

Manoranjan Kumar, facilitator of the Foundation said, “Gradually children started getting enrolled in the school. We provided them with uniforms, books and midday meal.” 

Kumar said, “We initially arranged for donations from locals. Some Korean tourists visited the school in 2018 and were impressed with the initiatives of the children and since then, have been regularly donating money to run the institution. We spend all the money on children and improving the school infrastructure.”

“ We not only exert our efforts to keep the environment clean and green, but also continue to create awareness among the villagers to work towards saving the environment,’’ said Prince a class eight understudy of the Padampani School.

A glance at Padampani School:

Set up in 2014 in the Mahadalit town of Sevabigha

Begun with 50 students and at present has more than 250 students enlisted

Gives uniform, books and late morning dinner to its students

Keeps running on gifts by local people and a gathering of Koreans who visited the school in 2018

The school expects to keep regions around the globe legacy site of the Mahabodhi sanctuary spotless and waste free.


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