This Woman Goes viral after asking random Men To smooch Her In Front Of Landmarks

This Woman Goes viral after asking random Men To smooch Her In Front Of Landmarks

By now, we all know that Instagram isn’t reality.

Flawless selfies? They’ve got a filter on. Delicious looking plates of food? Probably gone cold. And glossy travel photos? They never tell the full story.

Well, one woman has now demonstrated the full extent that some people will go to take the perfect snap, revealing that she staged a romantic couples’ snap in Paris by asking a random man to lock lips with her outside the Eiffel Tower.

Sounds a little weird, right? But hear her out. University Grad Kristiana Kuqi, from Kosovo, had always wanted to go to the famous landmark with a partner.

But when she found herself newly single, she found the next best thing, approaching the first attractive man she saw for a smooch as her pal manned the camera.

Since her first successful snog, Kristiana has gone on to ask random men to kiss her in front of various European landmarks.

Destinations in which she took the plunge include Rome’s Colosseum and central Kentucky – and both times, she got a yes without even asking the men their names.

She captioned the pic, ‘I hope the man from Rome is good as well.’

‘And the fireman who attended to a fire at a wedding I was at in Kentucky. Hope he’s good too.’

Kristiana was praised by Twitter users for her breathtaking pictures.

Some women shared that they had also kissed strangers at famous landmarks, including pictures of themselves smooching in front of places like the Trevi Fountain in Rome and the Empire State Building in New York City.

‘I have also done this,’ wrote one who took a romantic shot on Empire State Building in NY.

Another wrote, ‘I feel you. I hope this French man I had a fling with in Bali is doing good.’

A third one shared her photo, ‘I did this at the Trevi fountain!’

After sharing the images on social media, Kristiana has been faced with some who were impressed and – understandably – others who were a little more baffled by her snaps.

The photos quickly went viral, with many users praising Kuqi for her confidence.

We love your confidence, Kristiana.


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