This Woman loves To Eat Talcum Powder and Has wasted over Rs 7.5 Lakh On Buying It

This Woman loves To Eat Talcum Powder and Has wasted over Rs 7.5 Lakh On Buying It

We all have craving for one or the other food items which is a usual and obvious thing but that unusual craving for non food items like clay ,chalk etc. .. I guess you must have heard it earlier but do you know that the disorder related to this craving is called PICA…

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When talking about this disorder , we have brought to you the story of a lady who craves for talcum powder.

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A 44 YO woman ,Lisa Anderson, when gave birth to a baby boy, got addicted to have the baby powder (Johnson & Johnson) while giving her young one a bath. She can easily have a 200 gm tub by herself in a day.

Woman Addicted To Eating Talcum Powder Has Spent Over Rs 7.5 Lakh On It

The situation is that she needs to lick it off every 30 minutes and even at midnight when she has a craving attack .

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Also, she has spent over 8000 pounds (around Rs 7.5 lakhs) on buying talcum powder for oral consumption. 

For more than 10 yrs , she kept this a secret but then finally she looked for professional help for this disorder.

“I’ve always had it [talcum powder] in the house and would douse myself with it after having a bath or shower. I’d use it on the kids after giving them a wash no problem. And then one day I remember being in the bathroom and the smell was just overpowering. There was a bit of dust that had come off the top of the bottle. I had this sudden urge to eat it and I just couldn’t fight it. I just licked it off my hand and really enjoyed it. It just hit this spot. It was satisfying a craving I never knew I had.” she quoted in an interview.

We wish her a speedy recovery from this disorder…


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