This woman was bored of Selfies so she decided to take pics of Herself “Lying Dead” across the World

This woman was bored of Selfies so she decided to take pics of Herself “Lying Dead” across the World

SELFIES have taken over social media, but even the most pro-selfie proponents would probably admit that, ultimately, selfies aren’t exactly a good thing. Even with this tacit understanding, many of us will simply go on extending our arms, nailing the perfect smile, and snapping 50 photos of ourselves that we will later scrutinize for hours, before choosing one to post on Instagram. One woman, however, decided that she would rather die than take a selfie, and she’s putting her camera where her mouth is.

Stephanie Leigh Rose created a website and Instagram account called “Stefdies” as part of her anti-selfie campaign. According to her website, each photo she takes strives to get back to the roots of what a photograph was intended to be — a captured moment in time.

Her pictures, usually taken in front of beautiful backdrops, don’t showcase the perfect angle and smile, but instead her “lifeless” body lying flat on the ground.

She explains on her website that the photo series is intended to provoke discussion on “mortality, the function of photography, and stirs the imagination. Nothing is premeditated or prepared in these photographs, the shot is captured in the moment as it occurs… that is the beauty of this series, each photo is just a blip in a day. Nothing less, nothing more. It’s the truest sense of what I believe photographs should be — tangible physical proof that ‘I was here.’”

I love it how in some photos people are staring at Stephanie, and you can read the “What the hell?” written all over their faces. But for me, although these photos are wacky, they are way more fun to see than regular selfies. After all, I like wacky stuff.

On the other hand, it’s kinda concerning that, in some photos, people don’t seem to pay attention to her. Would it be the same if something actually happened to her? Maybe it also tells us something about the self-absorbedness of people today.

And yes, the photo series is intended to prove a point, but it’s also pretty hilarious. So, would it be wrong to classify them as “dark humour”?


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