Top 10 Richest Female Prostitutes In The World

Top 10 Richest Female Prostitutes In The World

No business is a private venture and the prostitution business is certainly not an independent company. Who says just cubicle specialists can play in millions and billions? All things considered, let me illuminate a portion of the world’s most extravagant whores, figures which will knock your socks off!

So here’s a rundown of top 10 most extravagant female whores on the planet and we’re boasting numbers!

Zahia Dehar

With a charge of Rs 80,000 every night, Zahia Dehar enters the rundown at the tenth position. The gossipy tidbits have it that she has looks so stunning that she conveys the tag of being imitation of a barbie doll.

Loredana Jolie

Loredana Jolie charges a challenging Rs.1.30 lac for each night and’s additionally stunning that she has likewise asserted that she was paid 9.80 lac at once from laying down with certain men.

Just Kassandra

Just Kassandra just works with the customers she like. She likes to meet them separately and afterward choose her rates which go up to Rs 2 lac for every night.

Ashley Dupre (Kristen)

Having had illicit relationships with Attorney General and the Governor of New York, Kristen charges Rs 2.90 lac every night. Notwithstanding, the men of their word referenced before had an arrangement of Rs 52 lac with her.

Ms Maya Blue

Having her very own site referencing her calendar and costs, Ms Maya Blue energizes to Rs 3 lac for each night for her customers.

Ava X’ian

Ava Xi’an is an escort who is a casualty of the tragic stories, she used to charge Rs. 4.40 lac every night so as to have her dad’s medical procedure done.

Alina Percea

Alina Percea is a multi year old whore who was sold in Romania and energizes to Rs 6 lac for one night.

Natalie MecLennan

Busted with a genuine allegation in the ring of prostitution in the event of tax evasion, Natalie’s rates shoot up to Rs 10.8 lac every night. She is among the best three most extravagant whores on the planet.

Lauren Bushnell

By utilizing exceptional talk rooms and gatherings to meet her customers, Lauren charges around Rs 16.3 lac for one evening verifying the second position in the rundown.

Michelle Braun

This lady charges $ 50,000 for one night with her, has been with a few specialists and VIPs, and has her own women’s office.

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