Top 11 Craziest Questions About Sex People Have searched on Internet

Top 11 Craziest Questions About Sex People Have searched on Internet

Sex is the most natural thing in the world. It’s also the most mysterious. No wonder people have so many questions regarding it. How do I do it? When do I do it? Where do I do it? With whom do I do it? Too many people. Too many questions.

You know, it isn’t just about two people coming together to have sex. We all know what “SEX” is but we also don’t have a deep knowledge about it –IF you know everything about it, then that’s good.

On internet, there are many people who ask questions about sex and while reading it, it makes us go “Oh yes, that’s a good question.” On the other end, there are people who ask questions that makes us go “Wait, what…is this person joking?” and then we laugh because we think that it’s hilarious. 

If the questions asked most-often about sex are to go by, we have NO idea about sex. Yes, literally, no damn idea.

Need some proof, do you?

Here are 11 of the most hilarious, downright stupid questions asked by users about sex online:

1- Like really???

2- It’s just a cold. Not contraception.

3- Try asking them individually…

4- You need to ask this one?

5- “Will it make it to her stomach…”

6- Interesting question!

7- What more proof do you need? 

8- Tumse na ho payega!

9- How are bananas related to this??

10- You found it!

11- Try asking your mom again.


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