Top 18 Disastrous Fashion Trends by Bollywood That Should Never Come Back

Top 18 Disastrous Fashion Trends by Bollywood That Should Never Come Back

Bollywood has always been an inspiration for many young ones . They try to follow and copy the style statement of the youth icons at that particular point of time . Then comes the weird style , from their hairstyle to the type of fitting , everything is just weird yet they were the hit of their time .

Today, we have brought to you the list of some trendy fashion but we as a normal person never try to opt those.

Let’s have a look:

1. The Bloody Mid Partition

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Salman created some real havoc for the girls with the movie ‘Tere Naam’ parting his oily mane with a geometrical scale. Following him, there were many who opted the same hairstyle .

2. Bell Bottoms


While the world is going gaga over flared palazzo, we are happy not to see the Boho glimpses of the bell bottoms from the 80’s that were nothing more than a mere visual impairment! Even worse, the men pulled it off like Kings!

3Shoulder Pads


This one was actually weird and looked a dress for an orchestra band . The heavily embroidered blazers with shoulders pads and golden hues were favourite of many.

4. Coned Brasseries


What say about this fashion ? Well!! they were meant to give a sensual appeal but coned bras did nothing more than a hilarious topic to discuss those conical mounts .

5. Hair Wigs And Massive Buns


The massive headpieces and hairdos from the 80’s and 90’s defied all laws of physics. Peace to all those women who endured these in the name of beauty!

6. The Mellow Yellows


Not that we have an issue with yellow, but there could have been better and ‘safe’ ways of pulling off a yellow suit!

7. The Sheer Tees


90’s Bollywood actors used to have unwaxed chest and upon that they used to wear proudly giving us a clear view without any hesitation.

8. The Jewellery Shop


Wearing the whole jewelry shop in one dress was one of the weird thing in the earlier era and audience used to like that.

9. Captain Cap

Who can forget the Captain cap that Aamir Khan’s wore in the movie “Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi” . This cap should never be anyone’s choice for the pure reason for its being totally out of context! Why would one wear a navy cap on a casual outfit.

10 Eye size glares

When the classic aviators are dominating the fashion mart, we have almost forgotten about the extra-small glares which were popular at one time even though they gave the feeling as if they were pressing against the wearer’s eyes.

11 Torn Jeans

Denims entered people’s wardrobe long ago and will never go out of fashion. Along the way, people thought it would be good to sport the torn rugged look. It ended as a fashion disaster. For all of us who know the history of jeans, we understand why the torn ones also worked for a while-but that you tear them to look fashionable or buy torn ones at unaffordable prices is being crazy not stylish!

12 Babli Kurti

The deadly combo of kurta and shirt looked really awful . Rani Mukerji was seen in her best role and worst clothes in “Bunty aur Babli”. The “Babli Kurta” is one trend that died for good.

13 Random Graphics Shirt

Floral prints, neon gym wear, animal prints etc are a complete no no if you want to impress with your style. But there’s one trend that has nearly tested our patience threshold – random graphics shirts. While it’s okay to have Stewie Griffin all over your comfy pajamas but totally unacceptable to have a mosaic of random doodles and characters all over your shirt.

14 Leather Pants

Unless you are a superhero on a secret mission to save the planet, you are strictly prohibited from donning a leather pant look. Because if you are a superhero then people would admire your super combating skills, not costume (honestly, that’s not entirely true as people would still scrutinize your style). The moral of the story is that leather pants successfully qualify as one of the worst fashion trends introduced by Bollywood.

15 Floral Shirts for Men

Floral Shirts are a big no for work, a bigger no for a date and a no even for shopping or family dinner unless you want everyone to eye you in amusement. So if you have already purchased them, save them for your beach holiday!

16 Animal Print

Animal Print was one style that totally defied every fashion parameter and ended up making the person who donned it look like a leopard or a tiger on the run. Seriously people, what’s up with looking like an animal when you can dress up like a red carpet diva.  This style statement wasn’t meant to be taken seriously but sadly some people took it too far.

17 Ill fitting corsets

Ill fitting corsets are a sad tale of poor cleavage show and almost-struggling-to-get-out-of-that-tight-corset bosom. This is one Bollywood mistake that shouldn’t be repeated for coming ages or for any age.

18 . When Polka dots just goes wrong

Polka dot is one trend statement that can make you look good, but if you make a bad choice it can make you look really silly. The big hideous circles give a clown like appearance. Vidya Balan explains it pretty well why one should not go for polka dots.

So which one did you find the worse? Comment in the section below.


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